Our History

Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) active at the local and national levels in Sudan. DNHR is dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental liberties in Darfur and other areas of Sudan and to monitoring and documentation of violations thereof.


Since June 2014, a group of local human rights defenders (HRDs) in Darfur started monitoring and documenting human rights violations committed in the region and Sudan at large and for that purpose, they established a civil society network for addressing the most urgent violations of human rights in Darfur. The group was named the Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) with its main aim to provide first-hand evidence information about human rights practices in Sudan from a grassroots perspective and to support efforts of independent CSO, NGOs active in this field at the national and the international levels.


In November 2016, DNMD’s Executive Director and the Program Coordinator faced threats from the former government of Sudan due to their contacts with Amnesty international in the investigation of the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Jebel Marra massive, in Central Darfur State. One of the most remote parts of Darfur used by Sudanese government forces launched large-scale military campaigns in the Jebel Marra area in Darfur during the period January to September 2016. Executive Director and the Program Coordinator managed to flee the country into exile and relocate to Kampala (Uganda). They received protection and support from protecting defenders.eu and Defend Defenders (East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project). Since then and until late 2020 they have been working as HRDs in exile as DNMD had been incorporated in Uganda as an NGO which enabled its leaders to continue fighting for the same objectives promoting human rights monitoring and supporting victims by raising their voices. Since that date, Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation, aided and managed to fill the gap in monitoring violations of human rights within and out of Sudan.


In December 27, 2020. DNMD registered as national NGOs according to the voluntary and Humanitarian work act, 2006 and it’s regulation in Sudan we started activities inside Sudan, Darfur region and for that purpose, it is looking forward to new ways of cooperation and coordination with like-minded partners and associates in order to achieve positive change, development, respect of human rights, democratic transformation and lasting peace in Darfur-Sudan.