At least 6 civilians killed, 25 injured including women and men in Marshing South Darfur in western Sudan.

At least 6 civilians killed, 25 injured including women and children in Marshing South Darfur in Western Sudan.


At least 6 civilians killed, 25 injured including women and children in Marshing South Darfur in western Sudan.

At around 10:00 p.m. on Monday January 20, 2020 in Marshing, South Darfur state, two unknown gunmen attacked a wedding party in Silo camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The gunmen who were using live bullets shot randomly upon the unarmed civilians gathered at the wedding party before they fled the scene.

This tragic incident resulted in the death of six victims and left 21 more injured, 16 of whom were said to be in a serious state and had been transferred to Nyala hospital for treatment.

  • The casualties include :

1- Adam Zakary Adam Isaac, 28 years old.

2- Abdul-Malik Abdullah Adam, 30 years old.

3- Bashar Abdul Rahman Abdullah, 21 years old.

4- Mahasin Suleiman Abdullah Noor, 25 years old.

5- Bashir Ahmed Muhammad Adam, 26 years old,

6- Aaron Adam, 70 years

The injured

1 – Adam is older than 25 years

2- Abdul Majid Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed, 16 years old.

3- Mubarak Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, 30 years old.

4- Muhammad Omar Ibrahim Abdullah, 23 years old.

5- Saddam Issa Ali Ahmed, 25 years old.

6- Almardaa Eisa Ahmad 20 years old.

7- Yasser Adam Muhammad Ismail 20 years old.

8- Musa Ibrahim Abdullah, 23 years old.

9 – Abdul Razek Muhammad Ali, 21 years old.

10 – Musab Mohammed Ahmed, 22 years old.

11- Jidda Adam Yahiya Ahmed 20 years old.

12 – Musa Omar Ishaq, a 30-year-old.

13- Assam Kamal Omar Adam, 23 years old.

14- Mubarak Adam Abdul-Aziz Saleh, 20 years old.

15- Maryam Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed 19 years old.

16 – Adam Ali Adam Ahmed, 22 years old.

17- Adel Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, 23 years old.

  1. Ahmed Adam Musa Ahmed, 15 years old.

19- Ahmed Othman Hamza Abdel-Rasoul, 22 years old.

20 – Muhammad Akbar Aaron Abdullah, 20 years old.

21- Mubarak Muhammad Salah Muhammad, 24 years old.

On Tuesday morning, January 21, 2020, a joint force comprising the army, police, and the Rapid Support Force (RSF) embarked on a security operation to track down those responsible for the shooting. The ensuing operation was met with fierce opposition and led to a shoot out with suspected perpetrators, resulting in the injury of three security personnel:

1- Mahjoub Muhammad Ahmed, 32 years old, a corporal in the army.

2- Abdul-Razzaq Abdullah Ahmad, 23years old, a soldier in the police.

3- Ishaq Ibrahim Muhammad, 31 years old, is a police officer .

On January 22, 2020, the Government of South Darfur state announced that it had deployed 20 cars with the joint security force including police, SAF and RSF to follow the gunmen but the force fell into an ambush. Three security personnel were injured, and three of their attackers were arrested during the operation.

  • We appeal to UN and the AU must not turn their backs on people in Darfur who rely on peacekeepers for protection. A decision to close UNAMID would recklessly and needlessly place tens of thousands of lives at risk by removing their only safeguard against the government’s scorched earth campaign.
  • DNMD requests the transitional government in Sudan to disarm in order to begin working towards achieving peace and justice in the Darfur region.

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