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The signing of the Reconciliation Tribal between the Messiria and Awlad Rashid in Mukjar locality Central Darfur.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2022, Reconciliation took place between the two parties that wrestled in the western Jaqma region, near Mukjar locality central Darfur, in the presence of the civil administrations of Wadi Saleh, represented by Al-Sharati, and tribal notables, and the joint forces: The Rapid Support Forces, Sudan armed forces and police and a […]

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Gun attacks by Militias led to the Killing of a Farmer and his wife leaving behind an Infant child at South Darfur State.

On November7,2022 at approximately 7pm, in the Tigiris area, South Darfur Nyala State, a Farmer was killed together with his wife in their Farm, by a number of five unknown Armed group. The details of the incident as gathered by DNMD monitors is that it took place on the 7th of November,2022 an armed group attempted […]

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A report on Human Rights Violations in North Darfur State in the past weeks of late October to early November 2022.

The IDPs and Citizens in North Darfur State, are living under the Mercy and Control of the Militias to do as they please, the violations are continuous, and the Coup Government has displayed a lack of Willingness and ability to stop the Human rights violations and the complete disregard for Human Rights in the state. […]

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Tribal Clash between the tribe of Al-Barty and the Arab Kishimat Khomor Tribe at North Darfur.

On 28th November 2022, Al-Thiwisha Locality, approximately a distance of 235Km from Al-Fasher Town, North Darfur State, an armed tribe of Al-Berti and Homor exchanged fire that resulted into the death of one and the injury of several others, and the conflict is continuous. The major reason for the conflict is mainly over Agricultural Land, […]

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