Western Sudan: 200 people have been displaced in Manawashi area, South Darfur state, from Marshing IDP camps, a terrifying threat from the Janjaweed and the Rapid Support Forces :

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation, appeal to UNAMID in Darfur west Sudan For respond to protection civilians and IDPs because, will be large crisis happening against of human rights violations in Darfur region.

Two hundred people have been displace including women, children and elderly in Manawashi locality, south Darfur state from Marshing camp IDPs and they are fearful threat and attack them by Janjaweed militia and the rapid support force and the transitional government has not yet taken any steps to protect civilians from attack unto now.

24-25 January 2020 an enormous of IDPs have been displaced in Camp Marching up to now, they continue to move to Manawashi locality and the city of Nyala, South Darfur state.

 This is in the threat of armed militias who were said to have dozens of vehicles to attack the camp.  , Which civilians said, frightening them from the repetition of the attack that occurred in the Kryandiq camp for the displaced in Al Geneina west Darfur happen in a previous month killed more than 80 civilians and injured 100 approximately.

During displaced they are two elderly women who died due to the cold winter and exhaustion.

 The citizens of the city of Marching, especially those who have been displaced, have been suffering for four days ago for fear of an attack by armed militias who were killed have reached eight victims and more than forty wounded now in hospital of Nyala South Darfur.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.

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