Sudan: At least 10 members of the Resistance Committees arbitrary arrests in Kass locality, South Darfur.

Sudan: At least 10 members of the Resistance Committees arbitrary arrests in Kass locality, South Darfur.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation notes with grave concern and it condemns deteriorating currently of 10 members of the Resistance Committees arbitrary detainees in Kass, which has been more than three  weeks until right this moment. They have not been released since then, and we are not aware what is their status, they are expected to be tortured condition and inhumane abuse. On august 6-7, 2020, in kass locality, located in south Darfur, ten members of the Resistance committees were arrested by joint forces of security, police and military intelligence service. They were transferred to the security facility beads in Kass locality. They are as follow:

1- Salah Abdul razek Rizqa, 32 year old.

2- Khalid Bush, 31year old.

3- Ismail Soma, 28 year old.

4- Amar Shnqal, 34 year old.

5- Mohamadin Kerr, 35 year old.

6- Salah ABDEL-Razek Abdullah, 30 year old.

7- Addul –latif Haliduk, 36 year old.

8- Mohdi Al khaber, 28 year old.

9- Hussein Mahmoud, 31 year old.

10- Al sadiq (Tabri) 32, year old.

According to the witness who report the names of these members of resistance committees on July 31, 2020 in Kass locality were organized, peacefully demonstrations with civilians in front of the Police Prosecutor’s offices and appealed for justice accountability. The Government forces in Kass were arrested a week before, two militia leaders – Suleiman Abiad (Dkhan) and Haroun Adam Hassin – members of the Rapid Support Force (RSF) and from the Arab Misseriya tribe on grounds that several members of their criminal gang were targeting civilians on their farms, villages around Kass and looting property.

The Police in Kass found those arrested in possession of large numbers of heavy weapons, guns and sniper rifles. Notwithstanding the arrests, the Prosecutor, Police Colonel, Margay Ahmed Hamadan Allah, Director of Kass Police reportedly ordered the release of the suspects without any charges. Such act is undermining the language of rule of law and we as an individuals who believes off in a rule of law, we are raising this to expiries our concerns.

However, police forces used tear gas against the peaceful demonstrators and fired live ammunition, which led to clashes and the burning of the Public Prosecution Office, the Police Headquarters etc. Four vehicles were also burnt.

On august 4, 2020 , new wali of South Darfur, Nyala  was visit Kass locality  meeting with local security committee related to events on July 31st to August 1st in Kass due to the burning of police headquarter he was ordered to arrest everyone who participated  in the demonstrations according to the emergency and public safety law of 1997 in Sudan.

  • Call upon to Wali of South Darfur state to take all measures to protect the ten members of the Resistance Committees in Kass locality.
  • Government of south Darfur must respect international human rights law, no one can be detained without a legitimate reason and, anyone accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial. Fair trials within a reasonable time or release.
  • All detainees and grant them direct and unequivocal access to their lawyers and family members and guarantee that steps are taken to protect the prisoners form COVID-19.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


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