North Darfur: Fighting breaks out between joint forces to protect farmers and Arab militias.

North Darfur: Fighting breaks out between joint forces to protect farmers and Arab militias.

August 6, 2021, the joint force consisting of the army, rapid support force RSF, police, security, and peace parties to secure and were going to protect the agricultural season, were ambushed on their way El-Fasher to the Tabit (the headquarters of the joint forces) west of El-Fasher near the Qlab area, which led to the killing 8 of high-ranking leaders and more than 25 injured of the soldiers by armed militias.

An eyewitness mentioned  that the exposure of joint forces from the armed struggle movements that signed the Sudan Peace Agreement in Juba, which were sent by the Security Committee of North Darfur State to maintain security in the village of Gulab ,Kolki and the surrounding areas,

According to the previous week, in cases for violations against farmers, 4 people were killed in the area, numbers were injured, sexual violence, looting and dozens of displaced by armed militia over claims of a land dispute, and the displacement of dozens of families from their homes to the Zamzam, Shanqal Tobayah camp IDPs.

This led to a protest peacefully by the displaced, and they took the body was carried to the state government headquarters of North Darfur. On the main road between El Fasher and Nyala, IDPs were closed for several days why request protection of violations by armed militias against farmers.

On August 7, 2021, a delegation came from Khartoum to the fact-finding committee arrived in El Fasher on the events of the Koolgi area in North Darfur state, headed by Professor  Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, member of the Sovereign Council and responsible for the Darfur file, accompanied by Lieutenant-General Abdel Rahim Hamdan Dagalo, second commander of the Rapid Support Forces and head of the joint security committee for the events in the area  Kolki, and representatives of the armed struggle movements and the parties to the peace process.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) calls on:

GoS in North Darfur to take concrete action to stop such attacks by Arab militia groups against the civilian population and immediately launch proper investigations into the attacks;

Sudan’s transitional governments to initiate and forceful disarmament and ensure the rule of law in Darfur region;

The international community, particularly the European Union, United Nations, and African Union, support the Transitional Government of Sudan to meet its legal obligations to protect civilians in the Darfur region under international human rights and humanitarian law.

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