The coup government, through its Militia groups commits new human rights violations in three states in Darfur region.

The coup government, through its Militia groups commits new human rights violations in three states in Darfur region.

New Deadly Attacks in the State of West Darfur. Death of a 25-year-old mother. On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at approximately 7 pm, the Janjaweed militias attacks resulted into the death of the displaced woman, Halima Adam Ibrahim Adam, aged 25, whom was a resident of Morni camp for the displaced in West Darfur, El Geneina.

The accident took place on the road linking Mornei and Sisi camp near Mashrou, West Darfur while the victim together with four others were traveling in a passenger segment vehicle, and a group of Militias opened fire at the Vehicle, they were travelling in, resulting into the injury of 4 people and the death of one, Halima who were the occupants of the vehicle while the perpetrators were on motor Vehicle of a Monca brand as was described by the eye witnesses to the Darfur Monitors.

The victim left behind her infant child and a blind mother, and the 4 other occupants of the vehicle were seriously injured. The injured were taken to El Geneina Hospital for treatment, and the body of the victim was transferred to El Geneina Hospital mortuary, the incident was reported at Mornei Police Station in Karinak Locality, West Darfur State.

Continuous Violent attacks by Militia Groups, Locality of Saraf Omra, Northern Darfur State, On the 21st day of September 2022, the citizen/ Abdullah Ahmed Musa (Kashkul) passed away in Nyala City as a result of the wounds he sustained while on his way back from the weekly Ghatsis market to his village, Sanqur Fout, locality of Saraf Omra, Northern Darfur State. whereby he was injured by two Janjaweed Militia and was thereafter rushed to Nyala Hospital for treatment, he however did not survive the injuries.

In a separate incident that equally took place in the Saraf Omra Locality, Northern Darfur State, on the 23rd day of September 2022. Darfur Monitors report that Mohammad Yahya Mohammad, 35 years old, Noureddine Suleiman Hassan, 32 years old, Amir Issa Ahmed, 28 years old, and Al-Daqil Abdullah Al-Doom, 28 years old, all of whom are Saraf Omra residents, were subjected to armed robbery and severe beatings by Militia groups.

The details of the accident report to the fact that the victims went to work on the farms and on their way back to their homes on Tuesday evening, they were intercepted by Janjaweed Militia at the intersection of Jamr Ketir Street and Damar Street, where they were exposed to the attack by the Militia group, their mobiles, solar energy were looted under the threats of Guns and they were severely beaten in the process.

Militia Attacks, has spread in a large way in the recent period, which has become a threat to the lives of innocent Dwellers who moves for various purposes such as to agriculture, trade, or any other social purpose. The attacks by the Militia groups have taken multiple forms, such as insults and humiliation, severe beatings and even death for those who were subjected to looting, which predicts more disintegration among societies. The Continuous security unrest in Northern Darfur, Saraf Omra Locality is due to the proliferation of weapons and availability of Motor Cycles for armed attacks by Militia groups, the lack of security forces and Personnel in many areas, and the lack of a security plan to arrest the perpetrators, equally contributes to the worsening security situation.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, around 8 am, the Janjaweed militias killed a displaced person by the name of Musa Abdullah Ahmad, 65 years old, He was a resident of Kalma Camp Center 6. The accident occurred east of Kalma Camp, about 7 kilometers away, when he was working on his farm, whereby three armed individuals approached and shot the victim, killing him on spot. A report of the incident was opened at Bilil Police Station in South Darfur State.

on the same day, September 12, 2022, the Janjaweed militia attacked the child / Nasreddin Mukhtar Yahya, aged 11 years old, the victim was moving in the traditional Donkey attached to it is the wooden board where passenger sit for special hire between the areas of Bilil and the Kendwa Forest. The child victim was assaulted and brutally beaten, and was then thrown into a nearby pond. The assailants then proceeded to steal the special hire and left the scene of the crime.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, the Janjaweed militia attacked the 47-year-old displaced woman, Fatima Muhammad Yusuf, the attack occurred in the Doki area when she was working on her farm, in the Yara Administrative Unit of Marshing Locality, South Darfur State.

On September 11, 2022, the Janjaweed militias killed Sheikh Adam Ibrahim Ahmed, 45 years old, the victim was a father of seven children, the deceased was a resident of Shatilat camp for the displaced in the area of Habila, the incident led to the injury of his colleague. The accident took place in the “Deliso” area, which is located south of the city of Habila, which is about 15 kilometers away the victim together with his colleague were on their way from the Delisu area to Habila.  The accident was reported at the Habila Police Station.

On September 7, 2022, the Janjaweed militias killed the citizen / Ahmed Ibrahim Issa Khamis, aged 46 years old, whom had lived in Kabkabiya, Al-Safa neighborhood, North Darfur state. The accident occurred in the area of Jabal Amer mine, northeast of the Jabal Amer market, about 5 kilometers away, the assailants were two-armed persons and were riding on motorcycle.

The government of the military coup of Sudan, is still committing widespread human rights violations against civilians, especially against the destitute displaced persons, in all parts of Darfur, through its official forces or militias. The situation in Darfur is still suffering from unprecedented insecurity, in light of the continuation of human rights violations in all its forms, without the authorities moving to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice, and this further encourages criminals to continue committing violations and horrific crimes.

DNMD notes that Darfur is still suffering from an unprecedented insecurity, in light of the continuation of human rights violations in all its forms. The victim Halima, like hundreds of women in Darfur, needed to be provided with a secure life, which the core basis of their Right to life which is being brutally wasted unjustifiably. These women are able to produce with their own power and contribute greatly to the economy at both the individual and group levels. Halima like thousands of women in Darfur whom had lost their lives due to the fragility of the security situation in Darfur.

DNMD greatly condemns the Malicious attacks that leads to the death of innocent citizens such as Halima leaving behind innocent dependents to suffer the consequences immensely;

DNMD calls upon;

  • The Government of West Darfur to take full responsibility and bring the perpetrators to justice.
  • The coup government of Sudan to take responsibilities and accountability for the continuous loss of innocent citizens.
  • The Juba Peace Agreement Group to provide accountability for the terms of the agreement.
  • The international community and the UN, experts to urge authorities to ensure immediate accountability for ongoing human rights violations and stop the use of killing against civilians in the Darfur region.

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