Police Brutality: an officer of Sudan’s Police shoots dead an unarmed civilian in a Peaceful Demonstration.

(on 1st of march 2023 in Khartoum) Darfur Network for Human Rights expresses its concern about the continuous Police Brutality and disregard for Human Lives that have been continuously violated in the states of Sudan. The incident of 28th February 2023 is just one of the many incidents that have been going unpunished. On the 28th of February 2023, in Al-Haj Yousif, East of the Nile Locality, Khartoum, Sudan, a male youth aged 20 years was shot dead by a Police officer in excessive use of force.

The victim was participating in a peaceful protest against the coup government at the time of the incident. Demonstrations against the coup of 25th October 2021 were taking place in all states in Khartoum. Therefore, all civilians protested peacefully and were concerned about the terrible living conditions. The 1st lieutenant Nasraeldean Tahah, directly targeted the victim as it appears in the video footage captured by fellow protesters hollering in surprise. This is because the victim was unarmed and not in an attacking state toward the officer.

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The Committee of Sudanese Doctors confirmed the incident that the killing of the victim was a result of a gunshot to his chest; the victim’s name is “Ibrahim Majzoob” aged 20 years, a resident of Al-Haj Yousif and was participating in the protests that were taking place in Al-Haj Yousif by a police officer. The committee further confirmed that the number has so far reached 125 deceased all of who have been participating in the protests.

The Police of Khartoum State released a statement on the protests of 28th February, Press statement No 5, that the Protesters came out in all the states of Khartoum and that the Protesters used excessive force against the officers while executing their duties to secure the peace, and that the matter is being handled according to the Law. However, according to the evidence of photographs and video footage, the protesters were in a peaceful demonstration demanding basic needs in exercising their rights to freedom of expression and order of civil and democratic Governance. The victim was killed by a malicious police officer who intended to render the victim dead; the use of excessive force by police is unwarranted against innocent civilians.

Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

As per Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: Freedom of expression, Sudan ensures everyone has the right to freedom of expression and peaceful protests.
We urge the Sudanese government to put a stop to the violence witnessed during the peaceful protests in all Khartoum states. By doing so, the right to freedom of opinion, expression, and peaceful assembly will be protected.
Those responsible for violence or incitement to violence must be held to account.
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