RSF and allied militias in South Darfur Nyala have arrested more than 20 doctors from an Italian hospital.

More than 20 doctors from an Italian hospital have been arrested by RSF and allied militias in South Darfur Nyala.

Update, October,26,2023. Darfur Network for Human Rights is deeply concerned about RSF with allied militias that arrested at least 20 teams of doctors at an Italian hospital for treating civilians in Nyala, South Darfur state.

As mentioned in a video, one of the doctors was beaten and tortured. Yesterday, on October 25, 2023, in a video showing how RSF also advanced to the Nyala television and radio, East of the divisional and near the headquarters, according to a video of their troops at that location.

This video shows that RSF beat the doctor while they were arresting him.

Today, October 26, 2023, RSF, with allied militias, captured the headquarters of SAF in Nyala this morning, where clashes between the two sides led to more than 40 civilian deaths by massive shelling.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


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