The RSF killed a young man under torture in South Darfur State, Nyala- Western Sudan

The RSF killed a young man under torture in South Darfur State, Nyala- Western Sudan:

On Saturday, 7 September, 2019, a young man has died of serious injuries as a result of the torture of seven youths by RSF rapid support force in the capital of South Darfur, Nyala.

One of the youths who were tortured, Adam al-dhi, said that a group of RSF Rapid Support Forces raided his home in the western region of Radio Nyala at 2:00 am and took him and six other young men to the RSF camp in the area of Kashlengo 8 kilometers south of Nyala city.

According to a witness from the area said that, before three days ago, there were wheel of a vehicles stolen from rapid support officer. And a number of young people were accused, and the officer with members of the rapid support arrested these young people and took them to their headquarters in Kashkalngo and tortured them and at the end they found another person who has stolen the wheels.

On the back of the loss of a captain called (Mekhdad) one of his tires, when they arrived at the camp RSF, the members of the force stripped them of their clothes and threw them in a pool of dirty water next to the camp, and then hit them with sticks and whips .to the early hours of the morning before being tied and suspend them on the roof. Before releasing them, they divide in to three groups after two days of continuous torture, pointing out that one of the young men, the brother of his wife, died after they returned him to his family in a late state.

According to, Muhannad`s mother, she said that Muhannad tamim was died of torture. And also said that: the RSF that took her son was using an unmarked car, noting that the same four persons who belong to RSF f came again loud her son Muhannad to his house in the bad health and took him down. Noting that she transferred her son to the police station and hospital she opened the report according to incident and then returned home, few hours later pass away. Mikhdad who is a captain in RSF , a contact the family of victim said that , ordered them no one should  open a report of the incident to the police office and pledged at the same time ,he said , he would take care of Muhannad mother  and assimilate one of the family  in rapid support, but she threaten  him and She opened the report .

One of the RSF attended the funeral of Muhannad and vowed that the defendants would be held in custody and brought to justice.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation appeals to the transitional government in Sudan to stop human rights violations and crimes against humanity suffered by civilians in the Darfur region of western Sudan.

To a transitional government in Sudan to abide by the Convention against Torture and regional and international treaties;

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