Killing two civilians and injured five other in Kadinar Area in east jebel marra South Darfur western, Sudan:

Killing two civilians and injured five other in Kadinar Area in east jebel marra South Darfur western, Sudan:

The massacres continued by the Sudanese Armed Forces against civilians in Darfur, where many civilians were killed, looted and injured in the Kadner area south of Jebel Marra  where at least two were killed and five civilians were injured and diaspora  Civilians die in the mountains. On Saturday, 28 September, 2019, a Sudanese Armed Forces soldier fired three bullets at a civilian in Kadiner area in (Gold mines ), South Darfur , Nyala, western ,Sudan.  According to an eyewitness interviewed by DNMD Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation teams. Said that an armed forces soldier opened fire on a citizen and broke his legs on Monday after a scuffle between them inside a gold market in the area.

The citizens took the injured person and went to the army H.Q. in the area, after their arrival, they required that the military officer who fired at the citizen be held accountable for the large number of incidents caused by the personnel of the armed forces and the absence of accountability and trial. The armed forces opened fire indiscriminately at civilians at around 5 pm, killing two people and wounding five others, including a woman with a fracture in the right hand, one person with a shoulder in the back, another with a shot wound to the man and another with contusion and injuries. V in the face,

In addition, Abdullah al-Taher, a 35-year-old from the Deleig area in Wadi Saleh, was gunshot in the lower jaw while bedridden at the Nyala Hospital in south Darfur, Nyala after being rescued by police along with three others who arrived in Nyala on Saturday night. About 2 am. Accompanied by Musa Mohammed Khamis.

And there, injured woman refused to transfer to Nyala for treatment under the cause because, she losing her children in the events.

The witnesses said that the Sudanese Armed Forces chased the citizens after the arrival of reinforcements with three army vehicles armed from the locality of Marshing.

They chased the citizens and fired indiscriminately even inside the forests around Jebel Marra, looted the market and gold mills and prevented the vehicles from transporting the miners from the mine. The part of the run-aways arrived in the Marsheng area and said they were looted, beaten and robbed by the Sudanese armed forces and tribal militias while fleeing the mine.

They said that there are missing persons whose number is still unknown as well as injured and dead were unable to count them because ,of the Sudanese army forces prohibited citizens to reach the areas of events.

DNMD –Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation appeal to the transitional government in Sudan to stop human rights violations and against humanity suffered by civilians in Darfur region western Sudan and also ,transitional government of Sudan to verify the wardrobes of urgent civil killed and accountability of the military of commanders of committing crimes against of civilians in Darfur .

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