Remembering the victims of the forceful dispersal of Sudanese sit-in in June the Third 2019

Remembering the victims of the forceful dispersal of Sudanese sit-in in June the Third 2019

By: Mohammed Yagoub (Zerick)

June 3, 2020

In our glorious revolutionary history, we remember today in 2019 the sit-in of the Sudanese masses who went out in the streets to express their unheard voices in the world’s most peaceful and pragmatic revolutionary manner was forcefully dispersed by the Jallabo-Janjaweedist regime which is the latest version of the Islamic Fundamentalist regime that has committed and continues to modify the world’s gravest mistakes in the history of our modern species and up to now the justice for the victims of the June the 3rd 2019 hangs in the balance.

As revolutionaries and lovers of progressive existence around the world stand in solidarity with the black masses of the United States of America in their struggle for the equal citizenship rights and elimination of backward institutionalized racist justice system we should remind ourselves as beings of moral virtue that the rule of law and not the rule of the man is the sustainable solution to the cracks of our existential world.

In our evolutionary world of moral evils, obstacles to the advancement of humanity has always been caused by the elitist retrogressions beings who are morally bankrupt, spiritually dehydrated and intellectually handicapped by their own selfish reactionary acts of exclusionism.

Any reforming pessimist, democratic humanist or pragmatic revolutionary adventurer believes that elitism is fate to existence of mankind and calls on the destruction of any elite based system of governance that isolates and neglects parts of community as less significant or promotes itself towards elitist empire while demoting some parts of human family without any rationally and morally justifiable reason..

Throughout the history of thinking beings, the self-prophesizing beings of beauty, intellect, governance and prophets of superiority complex are the reasons behind marginalization and destruction of the future of world’s great potential civilizations that led to creation of marginalized beings around the world so as result of their dehumanizing ugly chain of acts they have managed to poison the innocent brighter future of generations and it became stain in the minds of many generations specially the direct descendants of the oppressing linage to resist peaceful coexistence with fellow humans based on fear that generations came before them committed great moral evils against peaceful coexistence of our human family and the fear of the descendants of the morally corrupted beings is that the rise or prosperity of the beings they or their forefathers have been abusing for centuries or decades should automatically interpret into reactionary acts of violence (an eye for an eye) that may make them to pay for the heavier prices of oppression they have been enjoying or privileges they are born into will fade away due to the feared fate of the peaceful future.

Because of such backward and rationally unjustified fear of future many innocent descendants of the oppressing group have resorted into defending the ugly part of the human past and being trapped to commit crimes against humanity they themselves and left the world to become inevitable battlefield for the oppressors to continue their fight towards more oppressive existence and the oppressed to struggle towards dignified revolutionary state of existence.

So as we remember this day in 2019 marked as one of the most tragic days in the history of our modern species in which the world’s most peaceful and highly civilized revolutionary acts of expressing the feelings of unease for better just and free prosperous existential society was being met with premeditated highly organized excessive force by the state security apparatus which is basically meant to protect and serve the beings within the defined territory of the state .

But the most barbaric part of the film is that the very beings who have murdered, maimed, brutalized, raped and caused the disappearance of many young potential future pragmatic leaders of Sudan in the incident of dispersing Khartoum’s sit-in are the very ones who are calling themselves the leaders of revolutionary transitional, sovereign or whatever name they call themselves and nothing like justice for the victims of that barbaric incident except some highly annoying hypocritical statements in their press releases and media conferences to miseducation, lament and justify on which criminal is of more Omni-benevolence than the other.

As we remember those young heroic women and heroic men who went out in the streets to call for positive, progressive and brighter Sudanese Sudan for all Sudanese irrespective of their cultural, racial, economic, religious or social status in the Sudanese society that caused great loss of lives, physical, psychological and behavioral change of directions of many we also have to remember the victims of the oppressive racist regimes of Sudan since the so called independence in which they made ceremonial independence cards playing event that changed faces of external colonial regime to her representatives who are internal colonizers up-to date .

We take this sad commemorational moment to remember and pay tributes to all innocent fallen souls (in all corners of Sudan and the Southern part which has come to be known as Republic of South Sudan as an independent state due to oppressive exclusionism) being forcefully sunk into the non-existence or forced to depart to other than our current world by the forces of the different regimes who have been inheriting the state apparatus of Sudan without any national developmental or inclusive programs that can advance the Sudanese state even though in reality country called Sudan as modern state have never been formed we remain hopeful and believe in the reality that we are still at the early stages of moving towards formation of Sudan that can be a country of inclusivity and progressive libertarian state of individual liberty and respect for the sovereignty of the individual to have their right to belong in any group voluntarily without harming others.

We also take this chance to remember all victims of oppressive systems around the world irrespective of their location, pigmentation or the circumstances in which they departed and stand in solidarity with those who are struggling not to be equal with the rest of humans around them which actually they are! But struggling to educate those ones in position of power to stop being existential obstacles to the wellbeing of fellow men and women because of their pigmentation or voluntary belonging to any group that doesn’t cause harm to others


The just and free society which all oppressed and morally progressive beings of the world are cherishing for is approaching every moment, since the continuous conscious struggle for the prosperity of mankind is concern of not just the oppressed but of the oppressors as well the brightness of the future of the oppressed is certain!.

Until revolutionaries takeover the state apparatus and hand it over to the people to decide on how the system they want should be and government becomes their servant rather than their boss the struggle is fiercely nonstop!.




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