Ali kushayb is face trial soon.

Darfur Network for Monitoring & Documentation (DNMD), welcome the arrived on June 9, 2020, Darfurian Janjaweed militia leader Ali  Mohammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman (Kushayb ) is in the custody of the International Criminal Court (ICC), he will face trial soon due to atrocities he has been committing  against the people of  Darfur  region west Sudan since 2003, he has been used human rights violations in his powers to attack the civilians of Darfur in which he killed thousand them ,wounded ,raped, looted their property and as well as burning their villages, thousands of IDPs in camps and refugees outside of Sudan .

The ICC spokesperson Mr. Fadi El-Abdallah confirmed that Kushayb reached at the ICC’s high security detention facility in Hague at around 1700 GMT. His surrender to ICC makes him a fourth senior Sudanese suspect to appear before the ICC after Bahr Idriss Abu Garda, whose charges have not been confirmed; Saleh Mohammed Jerbo, deceased; and Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain, reported missing.

Ali Kushayb is in the custody of the ICC after surrendering himself voluntarily in the Central African Republic on account of an ICC arrest warrant issued on 27 April 2007,the Hague court said in a statement.

Actually, Ali kushayb in one of his speeches this year, he openly confessed that I have killed numbers of civilians in Darfur and I will continue killing more. He has been a fierce man to the people of Darfur however, rights now is behind the bars of ICC where as we hope very soon he is going to face trail in which he is charged with two offences and that’s crimes against humanity and war crimes where over 50 counts have been opened against him. We request that his personal confessions are relied on by court to meet his conviction without delay.

We really hope that his trial is going to serve as a turning point for the arrest of others who have been committing the same crimes against the people of Darfur west Sudan. because, victims of Darfur has been waiting for achieve for justice since issues ICC , but now time has come  for justice for them and also to be prevent any  genocide of civilians future in Darfur , Sudan .

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