The release of Darfur Detainees that were arbitrarily arrested following a hunger Strike:

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD had previously advocated for the release of more than 174 detainees arbitrarily arrested and detained for more than two months without trial. During July 25-27, 2022, in El Geneina West Darfur, joint forces of Rapid Support Forces RSF, and Sudan Army forces, police launched a mass detention campaign in the areas of “king, Umm Drissi, Rahad Meriam, Umm shiqaq, Gereida, Kilkal, Highlight, and Baruna” which are north, West of El-Geinana. At least 174 people have been detained, including teachers, students, and other activists and tribal leaders who have refused to partake in RSF-led reconciliation efforts brokered by Hemedti.

Detainees from Al-Huda Prison.

On December 16, 2022, a total number of 21 detainees from Al-Huda Prison Khartoum-Omourdorman were released. DNMD interviewed one of the 21 released detainees by the name of Yahya Youssif “ Yahya was arbitrarily arrested during a time he was looking for aid to cover the medical bills of his ailing wife at the time, and he was arrested without cause, taken to the police post, remanded to Ardamata Prison and was later transferred to Al-Huda Prison until his release on December 16, 2022, following his release he discovered his wife and child had died as a result of the sickness as well as his 16-year-old daughter.”

DNMD equally interviewed the victim who was released from Al-Huda prison in Omurdoman a one “Abdullah Dawoud Nassar,” “he narrated that, on the day of his arrest, he was contacted by phone and invited to the buildings of the Rapid Support Forces in Al-Genina, which I obliged to their invitation, upon reaching the buildings I was arrested and transferred to Al-Huda Prison in Omurdoman, I suffered immensely during my Detention, fallen sick, started to urinate blood, I went into a hunger strike upon which I was released, I was made to sign a memorandum which shows that I will not pursue the matter of my arrest nor what happened to me during my arrest and not to involve myself

in Tribal Clashes, I lost all my money following my arrest, and my family suffered greatly”.

The detainees from West Darfur in Al-Huda were made to sign the agreement not to pursue the matter of their arrest; among the detainees were children. On December 17, 2022, DNMD interviewed one of the children detainees by the name of Mohamed Abdullah Grammar Osman “Abdullah narrated that on the date of his arrest, he was 16 years old; I was arrested from Al-Genina Town, on April 13, 2021, during that I was working with my uncle in Al-Genina Town, on April 18, 2021, I was transferred to Al-Huda Prison, and since that date, I remained in Detention, without any investigations, nor is presented in the courts of law, and they went into a hunger strike which prompted the authorities to release them they were left without any means to reach their homes.

The Detainees from Al-Huda Prison spent 22 Months in illegal Detention.

Released Detainees from Port Sudan Prison

The number of released detainees from Port Sudan Prison totals up to 14 released detainees; among the released detainees from one family are “Ahmad Hassan Adam” and his son “Faisal.”

Released detainees from “Ardamata” and “El-Fasher” Prisons

The total number of released detainees from Ardamata Prison in Al-Genina is 14, and El-Fasher Prison has ten detainees.

Among the ten released detainees from El-Fasher Prison was one “Ahmad Suliman Hamid Hasan Allah” he had ever been pursued to pay a Bribe to secure his release, which he rejected and maintained his innocence.”

DNMD welcomes this step of releasing the detainees from the different prisons and continuously advocates and calls upon the authorities to release the remainder of the detainees that continue to suffer in illegal detentions without a trial. A total of 95 individuals in illegal Detention are still in today, detained at Port Sudan prison, and 68 detainees are detained at Ardamata Prison in Al-Genina West Darfur.

The illegal Detention of many detainees for long periods without trial constitutes outstanding violations of their Human Rights specificity, their right to personal liberty, and the right to life given the inhuman living conditions described in illegal Detention.

DNMD calls upon the

Governments of the west and North Darfur to take immediate measures to release the remaining illegally detained individuals;
The Government of Sudan to intervene in the illegal continuous Detention of innocent civilians and take measures to safeguard against future violations of such nature
The international community is concerned with Human rights to intervene in this continuous violation of the Detainees’ inherited Human Rights.
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