Mass arrests and detention of activists in Darfur

Mass arrests and detention of activists in Darfur

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) is deeply concerned about information received that 62 members of political parties, lawyers, civil society activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and protest leaders were arrested after Sudan’s military coup leaders announced the State of Emergency and dissolved the Transitional Sovereign Council and the civilian Government of Sudan. Hours after, Prime Minister Hamdok and Ministers in his civilian government were also detained and some have been kept under house arrest. This situation is a grave concern to DNMD.

Reports indicate that from October 25 to November 6, 2021, in different parts of the Darfur region, namely: Nyala – South Darfur, Zalingei – central Darfur, El Deain – East Darfur, El- Genina – West Darfur, joint forces comprising SAF/Police, RSF (Rapid Support Forces), and Military Intelligence conducted raids in these localities where they arrested the 62 civilians named below.

The whereabouts of most of those arrested remain unknown, and they have been held incommunicado, with no access to lawyers or their relatives. The continuing state of their enforced disappearance is compounding the gravity of their arbitrary arrests. We are concerned that they may be subjected to acts of torture and other cruel or inhuman treatment or punishment.

These members of political parties, lawyers, civil society activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and protest leaders have a right to exercise their freedom of association, expression, and peaceful assembly. We, therefore, call on the relevant authorities to release them immediately.

Names of these arrested from El-Genina:

  1. Mohammed Abuo Adica
  2. Mohammed Adam
  3. Mohammed Wardy
  4. Gasim Ashar
  5. Adam Dukeil

From Nyala:

  1. Lawyer Ahmed Ibrahim Gasim
  2. Adam Ahmed Abdulalkeerm
  3. Lawyer Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah
  4. Lawyer Mohammed Abdullmonum Alreahy
  5. Journalist Abuzar Ibrahim Mossud
  6. Alfadil Feadal
  7. Hashim Abdulla Zakary,
  8. Muhammoud Ismail Walli
  9. Albaqir Aljunah Basher
  10. Lawyer Adeil Abdulla Naseraldean
  11. Al-Sadiq Dawalbet, Secretary of the Governor
  12. Shams El-Din Ahmed Saleh, FFC member
  13. Lawyer Muhammad Yunus Abdullah
  14. Lawyer Adam Muhammad Sharif
  15. Muhammad Saadallah Fadl Al-Sayed , a Teacher
  16. Al-Shazly Muhammedin Zakaria
  17. Muhammad al-Sadiq al-Mahdi
  18. Abdullah Sabouni Omar
  19. Muhammad Ali Abdullah Eid
  20. Tariq Ahmed Al-Haj
  21. Moataz Ismail Ibrahim, a Teacher
  22. Abdulhadi Yaqoub Hamid
  23. Walid Muhammad Al-Taher, a Teacher
  24. Ahmed Khaild
  25. Yaesir Basher
  26. Mohammed Ibrahim

From Al-Deain

  1. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Jaboura
  2. Gouda Al-Sayer Maspel Damm
  3. Bashir Mohamed Ibrahim
  4. Ibrahim Kolol
  5. Mustafa Bakht
  6. Hassaballah Al-Dakum
  7. Issa Manzool, member of the Teachers Committee
  8. Abdul Karim Hammad
  9. Marisbel Ali Omar
  10. Mualla Hamed
  11. Ibrahim Yahya
  12. Jalal Al-Din Jamal Al-Din
  13. Ibrahim Satoor, member of the Teachers Committee

From Zalingie

  1. Taj al-Din Ibrahim
  2. Ezzedine Muhammad Abkar
  3. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Yusuf
  4. Abu Bakr Ismail
  5. Al-Sadiq Muhammad Hashem
  6. Abu Madin Ibrahim Hashem
  7. Mubarak Omar Muhammad
  8. Amer Bishara
  9. Hassan Abdul Rahman Al-Tom
  10. Ismail Haroun
  11. Saleh Muhammed
  12. Suakin Isaac
  13. Muntasir Fadl Dawood
  14. Abu Bakr Ahmed Abdel Salam Nasr
  15. Faysal Yaguop
  16. Ahmed Adam
  17. Effendi Khamis
  18. Jalal Amar

DNMD calls on the authorities for the release of the above-named detainees.

DNMD is continuing to monitor the situation to ensure their human rights are respected and protected throughout their period of detention.

For more information, contact Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation at Tell: (+256 )752792112 (+249)924638036.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


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