Killing of four personnel of the police and Army at Jebel Marra (Golo) locality, by militia groups.

On August 4, 2022, the incident took place at the Golo locality of Central JABAL MARA, central Darfur Zallingi. Two members of the police were killed and two injured, the attack occurred during the movement of a convoy of three armed cars belonging to the combined forces of the Army, Police, and Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The combined forces were moving towards (Rakabt AL-Jamal), 20 KMs away from the area of South-west of Jildo, in an effort to secure the road for the passage of the car of the executive director of the Golo locality. The forces were ambushed by an armed Militia group, the ambush resulted in the death of the following:

  1. mohammed Al-Anwar Kamal, police, lieutenant
  2. Bakhit mohammed, police sergeant

The wounding of the following is listed below:

  1. Emad Abdullah gorashy, police
  2. mohammed Adam Ismail, police

It was confirmed by the director of the police of the state of Central Darfur, General SALLAH OMAR AL-THAYEB in a press release that two personnel were killed and they were of the combined forces and two others were wounded following the attack, among those killed was an officer of the Rank of First Lieutenant and soldiers, they were killed as a result of the ambush by the Militia groups, who were on a motorcycle on the Golo road, central Jabal marra, and that Army forces from the state of Zallingi to the Scene.

A reliable person from the areas confirmed to Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) that the attack was carried out by forces belonging to MUSA AL-HILAL, the person in control of the area (Raqabat Aljamal) around Jabel Marra (Golo), where the incident occurred. The outcome of the incident resulted in the looting of Military machinery and vehicles, and money in cash, which was the salaries for the locality of Golo.

In addition, said the military spokesman Walid Mohammed Akbar SLM/W, Abdul Wahid controlling Jabel Marra, in a call via phone to Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD, the group that carried out the attack is a militia that is well known to the military government, and The military spokesman added that the area where the attack took place was not under their control.

He also mentioned that the group that attacked the patrol is led by Bahr Hassan Hammadi, Jamaat Abu Saleh, Siddiq Gedo, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and others. He further said that the two cars seized by the faction are now in an area located southwest of Kabkabiya of North Darfur State.

The attack is a great security concern since it shows that the military forces in Sudan are not immune from attacks by militia groups.

The situation in the Darfur region is worrying and prompts great attention by UN and international communities, and human rights bodies to make a change in the security situation of the region of western Sudan.

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