unsightly Murder in Nyala by a soldier of the rapid support forces in Nyala South Darfur.

On August 4, 2022; the incident took place in the Malaga market in the state of South Darfur, Nyala, where a young man named Mazen Mohammed Osman, aged 17, was killed by a Rapid Support Forces (RSF) soldier who had shot him three times in front of the people at the market, the perpetrator then proceeded to run over him with a four-wheel drive Land Cruiser.

According to the sources, which had confirmed to Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD that the cause of the problem is that the victim was driving a Ricksha, (Rikshas) one of the means of transport in the area used for private hires, and the perpetrator was driving a military vehicle belonging to the Rapid Support Forces RSF, the car of the perpetrator had hit the victim’s ricksha from behind, and when he was asked by the victim, he instead shot him 3 times rendering him dead, he then entered the vehicle and ran over the victim a number of times, that removed parts of the intestines and crushed the skull.

The perpetrator was chased down by the standers-by who had witnessed the accident and he responded by firing bullets toward them which ended up stopping the chase. The perpetrator has a criminal record and has ever killed three other civilians in a similar manner and his conduct has always gone unpunished.

The family of the victim carried the body to the home of the governor of south Darfur in a peaceful protest, roaring, demanding for the criminals to be held accountable and brought to justice. The police then issued a statement that the criminal has been captured.

This is the second crime in the last 24 hours, following an incident where a young man stabbed another young man, within the same state of south Darfur. In another incident that occurred in the neighborhood of Hi AL-Salam at Nyala at 2 pm, a woman was killed, as armed men attacked her in her home, on Thursday night, leaving her to die.

The murder rates have greatly increased and have become a phenomenon threatening the state of Nyala. This is evidence of the laxity of the security services in the state and undoubtedly confirms that the state’s security committee has disavowed its duties in maintaining security, protecting citizens, and extending the prestige of the law. In another unfortunate state of the event which took place on Monday morning, 1st August 2022, whereby a group of soldiers of the Rapid Support Forces RSF in the area of Sergila, Talas locality, South Darfur Nyala; killed one civilian and wounded two others, and sexually harassed women on the justifications that the civilians were interfering with the operations of the rapid support forces. The one killed was Jobber Sheikh Aged 60 years, the injured persons were Saleh Abai and Mohammed Hassan, and they were transferred to Abrar Hospital for treatment in Nyala.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD has expressed serious concerns about the continued human rights violations ongoing in Darfur region and calling:·

  •    To GoS of South state Darfur and Sudan for those responsible for crimes against humanity to be held accountable and for justice to be served in the Darfur region.·
  •     To the international community and the UN, experts urge authorities to ensure immediate accountability for ongoing human rights violations and stop the use of killing against civilians in the Darfur region.

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