The forceful eviction and demolition of the Homes of Displaced persons by police, Naivasha, Northern Darfur.

On September27, 2022, the Police at Naivash specifically at Abu Shouk camp, the police forcefully evicted and demolished the house of Ismail Adam Mahmoud. The police used cars in carrying out the destructions of the home. There are four other homes under threat of demolition by the Police and those are the houses of: Adam Ahmed’s house; Suleiman Abdul Karim; Khair-allah Muhammed Khater; Jar Alnaby sineen.

The background of the events is that these IDPs have come to the camp since 2004 and settled there ever since that period under a leasehold title held by Human Rights Organizations, the lease agreement was entered into in the year 2004 for a period of 25 years, hence there is a pending period of seven years until the expiration of the lease , however on November 2nd and 3rd , 2018 A delegation from El Fasher, North Darfur state, visited the camps for displaced people in the states of Abuja, Naivasha and Zamzam campp, the delegation was  consisting of the director of intelligence, the director of security and the commander of rapid support forces  in the state, in addition to some other officials.

The purpose of the visit was the Urban Planning of the camp residents. 20,000 houses were the only houses not going to be affected, and the rest were planned to be outside the camp, in the southwest direction of the UN, in the Jarn area, far west. Mayors and sheikhs differed and some were supporters while others were opponents of the planning. The displaced were warned to prepare themselves to leave and were also informed that the lease contract held by the Human Rights organizations were expired, but it is more correct that seven years remain.

As a result of the decision to demolish the houses of the IDPs, On September 21, 2020, the court issued a decision to stop the demolition after the complaint filed by the displaced (64) displaced persons, after the demolition of the home of a family of three internal families by the Police.

The demolition of the Houses of the IDPs and the threat to destruct more houses is unlawful and in violation of a competent court order to stop the demolition by the concerned authorities, and in great violation of their Human Rights to adequate housing and their right to own and enjoy ownership of  properties as the lease under which they occupy the residents is still running, and the law provides the right to adequate system of compensation before compulsory acquisition of Land by the government. The Act by the police in destructing the houses of already helpless IDPs is arbitrary and in violation of both the Domestic and International standards and worsens an already worse situation of the IDPs who are lacking greatly in their daily lives.

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