Armed Militias Affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces Carry out deadly attacks against the IDPs of Sortney Camp North Darfur.

Armed Militias Affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces Carry out deadly attacks against the IDPs of Sortney Camp North Darfur.

On October 2, 2022, in Sortney Camp the locality of Kabkabiya North Darfur, an armed group affiliated with the Rapid Support militias in a total number of seven-wheel drive Land Cruisers attacked the Kobe market northwest of Sortney Camp. then they went ahead to beat the IDPs, stole their properties, terrorized them, and threatened to kill.

DNMD Monitors currently present within the area reports the background of the attack, the Militias allege that one of their cars a Land Cruiser was stolen and they falsely and slanderously accuse the innocent and defenseless displaced person of stealing it. These militias are led by two people, one of whom is called Abd al-Basit Abdullah Abd al-Jabbar, an officer with the rank of colonel of the Rapid Support Forces Sector / South Darfur, and the other is a major named Daoud.

These heavily armed militias with vehicles are currently surrounding the camp of Sortney from the northwest, intending to attack the camp at any moment, causing fear and panic among the innocent displaced and forcing the displaced to flee to the valleys and mountains. It is worth noting that the camp has been attacked several times since 2019 by government militias, and the North Darfur government has not moved to stop these repeated attacks from time to time nor hold accountable the perpetrators.

The Higher Committee for the Youth of Sortney Camp in Khartoum State reported that the IDPs of Sortney camp have been living in deplorable conditions for a long time, constant harassment by government militias, destruction of farms, threatening women with rape and flogging as they go to fetch water and firewood, and intercepting and looting commercial vehicles, in the shadow of the complete silence of the state government and the local government of Kabkabiya that coupled with  the army at the Kobe military base assuring the Camp  of complicity and prior intention to attack with premeditation and surveillance.

The attacks of the Camp, led by security personnel’s, whom are expected to protect the innocent civilians is vicious and malicious, in total regards of their duties as security personnel’s and in total abuse of the Human Rights of the defenseless IDPS of Sortney Camp. The security situation in the Darfur Regions is fragile and the UNAMID departure from the region is premature, leaving innocent defenseless IDPs to suffer the consequences.

The deteriorating Security conditions in Darfur regions specific north Darfur El fasher shows unwillingness and lack of commitment of the Government of Sudan to procure adequate support to protect the waste of innocent civilians. This calls for the international communities’ intervention to cure the defects.

DNMD calls upon the UN security council and our partners to place alternative measures and intervene to rescue the innocent civilians in order to stop the use of unjustifiable, human rights violation against innocent’s civilians.

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