Tribal Clash between the tribe of Al-Barty and the Arab Kishimat Khomor Tribe at North Darfur.

On 28th November 2022, Al-Thiwisha Locality, approximately a distance of 235Km from Al-Fasher Town, North Darfur State, an armed tribe of Al-Berti and Homor exchanged fire that resulted into the death of one and the injury of several others, and the conflict is continuous.

The major reason for the conflict is mainly over Agricultural Land, whereby the farmer “Osman Gladi” from the Homor tribe was assaulted inside his farm and the forceful trespass by leading cattle belonging to the Al-Berti.

A clash took place between the tribe of Al-Berti and Honor, which resulted into the killing of Adam Idris Harun, 23 years old. There were others wounded between the two parties who were not counted, from Alberti. Some tribes that live in these areas intervened to calm the situation, from Bani Fadl and others from other tribes to contain the situation.

The committee returned the livestock amounting to 108 heads of sheep and 300 thousand camels. There are still crowds held by the two parties to the conflict from the areas of Umm Sauna in light of the complete absence of the government and the security services intervention to contain the situation.

Continuous Violence and Armed Lootings by Armed Militia Groups in North Darfur State:

On Thursday, 24th November 2022, in Sarif Biny Husein locality, North Darfur State, in a clear challenge to the combined forces, engaged in protecting the harvest season, and the police, the shepherds took their animals by force into the farms, of residents of the area, injuring the farmers and destroying crops.

In the details of the incident as reported by the victims to DNMD monitors, camel herders brought their animals into the farms of the residents of Umm Jarwa evening of 23rd November 2022, where large areas of crops of millet, peanuts, simsim, and cowpea were destroyed. The farmers and four military vehicles, three of them affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces and one affiliated with the police forces, took the camels to the Umm Jarwa police station, in order to complete the investigations and compensate the citizens for the heavy losses the suffered, the camel herders responded by gathering and attacking the authorities at gunpoint, the attacks resulted into the stabbing of the citizens with a knife, claiming the life of:

Al-Hafiz Abkar Ibrahim
Another citizen was wounded in the head, and the camels were taken by force by the security services and the executive administration.

It’s a clear indication that everything that Rapid Support mentions about protecting the agricultural season is more media work than actual protection for farms.

In two other separate incidents:

On 22nd November 2022, at “Wadi Bari” opposite the village of Kalkal Saraf Umrah Locality, North Darfur. The citizen Yusuf Yaqoub Juma, 25 years old, was exposed to an attack by an armed Militia group, resulting in the breaking of his left leg.

The details of the accident, as reported by eyewitnesses and family members to DNMD monitors, occurred while the victim was on his way from the farm with others and they were all traveling on “a ricksha”, they were intercepted at Wadi Bari, opposite the village of Kalkal, by two of the perpetrators on motorized vehicles and armed with Kalashnikovs rifles, they opened fire on the passengers, which led to the injury of the victim. The victim was transferred to Zalingei Hospital for further treatment.

On the 17th of November 2022, Locality of El-Serif, Jabal Amer Mine, North Darfur state, the citizen “Ibrahim Ishaq Adam Muhammad” who lives in Wadi Salih-village of Wailing was attacked by unknown perpetrators.

He was seriously injured in the head by a sharp blow by an unknown person on Thursday night, while he was returning to his residence, which necessitated his transfer to Nyala, while he is in a complete coma in Nyala Hospital. The motives for the attack are not yet known.

On Sunday 11/27/2022, in Saraf Omar locality, Goz Kharan, Village of Hambul, North Darfur state, a citizen by the name of Ibrahim Adam Muhammad, 56 years old, a resident of Saraf Umrah, was subjected to armed looting. While he was returning from his farm in Goz Khoran, west of the village of Hambul, on the main road, two gunmen on a motorbike intercepted his way and at gunpoint stole his mobile phones and a sum of money that he had in his possession.

Security chaos has become an obsession that haunts citizens who have completely lost hope in security services. The overwhelming existence of armed men riding motorbikes has become a norm in the whole of the Darfur region.

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