West Kordofan: Misiria Armed Militias Attacked at Lagawa Area.

on October 13, 2022, in Lagawa in western Kordofan, the Misiria Militias, carried out deadly attacks, using 30 Motor (Tuk Tuk) and 20 motorcycles carrying armed Militants, with various types of weapons.

Victims and witnesses told to the Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD that The attack was against Lagawa city in west Kordofan state, the west side of the city, the Sudan army forces later intervened and cleared the militia, and the attacks resulted in the death of four individuals from the Nuba and Dajo tribes,

1. Issa Hamida Kowa, who was working in a Bakery,

2.  Saad Ismail Hassan Teso, he was a businessman,

3. Habila Abdul-Moniam Abdullah Yaqoub, was also a businessman;

4. “Makeen Malik Musa”, was a handyman.

As reported by other sources with DNMD said that on second-day the 15th of October, 2022 the armed Militia returned to the North-west side of the city of Lagawa city, on the residents of Nuba and Dajo Tribes, the attack continued from 8 am to 12 pm, the Militia forces were joined by the rapid support forces in the attack, the RSF was led by Colonel “Al-Taj Al-Tijany”.  the rapid support forces opened fire, Live bullets into the Al-Saraf block, and this resulted in several causalities, to the tune of five killings and one serious injury, those who were killed were:

  1. Al-Zain Ibrahim Al-Dood,;
  2. Zakaria Haroun Ibrahim,
  3. Mohammed Mustafa Didan;
  4. Suliman Musa Nasar allah;
  5. Al-Sanoosy Mustafa;
  6. Juma Mustafa Didan was seriously injured.

The attack equally led to the burndown of several houses, those affected by the burning of houses could be estimated at approximately 25,000 and are currently homeless, and resorted to different Military camps. The Rapped Support Forces (RSF), which has a long history of Human Rights Violations, has on some occasions, especially this present attack on west Kordofan, sided with Arab militia in attacks on civilians, as well as in al-Genaina in April 2021. Witnesses told Darfur Monitors those members of the RSF also participated alongside Arab militias in the recent April attacks on Kerenik 1,2,3. Besides the fact that the Sudan army intervened in the 13th October 2022 attack, they have largely failed to protect or intervene in the 15th October 2022 attacks which resulted in several displacements and citizens resorting to camps following the burning of their homes.

Disputes in the several states in Sudan are largely a result of inter-communal disputes, land disputes as well as hate crimes as a result of different tribes co-existing within the same area and sharing territories.

The continuous attacks are evidence of the failure of the coup government to protect civilians adequately, as the violations of human rights continue to escalate. The situation in the various states of Sudan continues to get out of hand with various families completely destroyed as a result of the deadly attacks, that are continuous, given the fact that there continues persistence in the security unrest that always leaves behind various casualties and great loss in properties that go without compensation.

DNMD, calls upon Sudan to ensure accountability and investigation for those grave crimes and support the victims of such violations and abuses;

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