A report on Human Rights Violations in North Darfur State in the past weeks of late October to early November 2022.

The IDPs and Citizens in North Darfur State, are living under the Mercy and Control of the Militias to do as they please, the violations are continuous, and the Coup Government has displayed a lack of Willingness and ability to stop the Human rights violations and the complete disregard for Human Rights in the state. They equally exhibited a loss of control against the Armed Militias.

On 8th November 2022, at approximately 8 pm, at “Wadi Borgo”, North Darfur, the IDPs Bakar Mohamed, 32 years of age, on his way back from his farm, was shot by Janjaweed Militias. The attack occurred while the farmer was on his way back from his farm after crossing “Wadi Borgo” a bridge, this resulted in the victim sustaining serious injuries, he was transported by passersby to Kabkabia Hospital for treatment. In a conversation with the victim, he described the assailants were two, riding Motorcycles, they were armed and had their faces covered with clothes.

On the same day 8th November 2022, at Saraf Omra Locality, North Darfur State, at approximately 11 am, in Ras Al-Fas, area, Two Citizens by the names of Adam Yahya and Khalid Al-Zeen, were subjected to armed robbery by an unknown armed group, during the Altercation they were shot in the Legs. They were discovered by neighboring residents and were rushed to Saraf Omra Hospital for treatment; however, they were not sufficient so they were further transferred to Zalingi Hospital for better aid.

Government Vehicle Hijacked, and Passengers assaulted on duty, by an unknown armed group

On 2nd November 2022, at approximately 2 pm, in the Animal Market of Saraf Omra, a Land Cruiser property of the Taxes Authority of Saraf Omra was Hijacked by an Armed group, the assailants were described by eyewitnesses to be wearing Military Uniforms. The administrative officer “Mubarak Abdullah Bakhit” who was driving the car sustained injuries to the head as he was attacked by the assailants, the officer was accompanied by the executive director and the financial team, who all were on official duty in the Animal Market. The perpetrators appeared from the North-South side of the gate of the market, wearing Army Uniform, they were three individuals, riding on Motor Cycles, they then proceeded towards the Vehicle, and demanded of the passengers to vacate the vehicle and hand over the car keys, on resisting they assaulted the driver using the back of the gun, and robbed him of his cell phone, and drove towards the east side.

It’s worth noting that on the 23rd of May 2022, the Teaching Vehicle of Saraf Omra Locality, was Hijacked at Gunpoint by armed assailants. This testifies to the continued security unrest in the region.

The Arrest of Four individuals of the Local Leaders from Abu Himira Unit, Locality of Um Kadadda, By Armed group, and they were transferred to the Central Investigation Department.

On 28th of October 2022, DNMD monitors in Al-Fasher received information regarding the arrest of four local leaders from the Abu Himira Unit, Locality of Um Kadadda, by an Armed group, the group was described to be who were riding on a Land Cruiser, wearing civilian Uniform, and they were then transferred to the Central Investigation Department in Al-Fasher.

The Family of the victims reported the matter to Um Kaddada Police, they were informed that the reason for the arrest, is in retaliation for their refusal to accept the new plan for demarcating the Market.  After their refusal a committee was created in support of the plans, the Committee, following the formation of the Committee, they were released and were to report to the Department every day. It was later realized that the Governor (Wali) of the Locality, ordered their arrest, under the Emergency Laws. Regardless of the fact that the Sovereign Council decreed the Emergency Law as non-operational.   The leaders who were arrested were as follows:

  1. Yusuf Abdullah Adam
  2. Hamid Abdulrahman Sabri Saror
  3. Haroun Hussein Jamah
  4. Al-Zaki Sulieman Al-Bashri

Violence at Shangal Tobaia Camp for IDPs

On 26th October 2022, at the South-West side of Shingal Tobai Locality, at Shingal Tobai Camp, 12Kms from the Locality, North Darfur, at approximately 11 am, the Displaced person, “Abdul Al-Karim Osman” aged 40 years, and a police officer, Mustafa, aged 45 years, was stabbed by a knife, by one of the Trespassers, a Shepard. The Shepard in the area had trespassed on the Farm of the Victim Abdul Al-Karim and damaged the vegetation, the farmer responded by reporting the incident to the Police department, and the officer responded which led to their stabbed by the shepherds. The perpetrator had already had a criminal History at the station and was warned by the Police chief, as to his arrest.

On 28th October 2022, an armed Militia riding on Camel’s back attacked Abu Al-Khasim Adam Juma, the victim was assaulted by the group and was later transferred to Shingil Tobai Hospital for Further Treatment. On 30th October 2022, Armed Militias at the Shingil Tobai Camp fired gunshots at Abdul Al-Rahman Ibrahim from his farm, which resulted in the breaking of his leg, and his property was looted, consisting of cash and his cell phone, he was later transferred to Shingil Tobai for further treatment. On the same day the Militias proceeded to the Camp and surrounded it, claiming that they lost a Camel, alleged to be stolen by the residents of the Camp, and gave the residents 3 hours before they can produce the Camel, or else, they should proceed to burn down the Camp, the Administrators of the Camp, reported the incident to the Police, the Police delayed to come, and reported nine hours later, and were ordered to pay for the Camel, to avoid escalation of the situation, the residents of the Camp, decided to pay for the Camel.

DNMD expresses its concern about the failing security situation in north Darfur state, weak rule of law persisted in Darfur, and banditry, criminality, and inter-communal violence were the main causes of insecurity.

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