The killing of a woman by an Armed, Masked individual, East Kadogoly, South Kordofan State.

On December 11, 2022, in the Village of Abu Jafala, Abu Zabad Locality, West Kordofan State, an unknown, armed group riding Motorbikes with Klashinkove rifles intercepted one of the Farmers of the Hamar tribe, tied him to a tree, and looted a total of 135 Goats. Following the armed looting, the residents organized a search group consisting of eight Motorised Tuk-Tuk to follow the steps of the Perpetrators; the group moved from Philistine Village towards the village of Abu Jafala. Residents of the town of Abu Jafala consist of the tribes of Al-Goran, Al-Hamar, and Al-Bisharia; the search group continued to follow the steps of the perpetrators till they reached the village of “Radmia Dndana,” where they finally met with the perpetrators. An exchange of fire occurred; the perpetrators were reported to be from the “Mesyria” tribe.

The altercation between the search group and the perpetrators from the Mesiriya tribe resulted in the death of 22 individuals from the search group of the Hamar tribe and the injury of two individuals, and their properties were looted. The injured individuals were transferred to Al-Oubeet Hospital in North Kordofan State. A further group of 8 Motorbikes from the Hamar tribe moved to the incident location to support the search group. They fell into an ambush, and their properties were looted.

The names of the injured victims:

Ahmad Adam Daw-Al-beet
Al-Hadi Ahmad Hamid
The names of the dead victims:

Mawya Hassan Mohamed
Al-Shazali Hassan Mohamed
Ali Husein Ali
Abu Al-Gasim Mohamed Hamid
Mohamed Ahmad Mohamed
Abu Shanb Abu-Anja
Abu-Shanb Zaki Al-Deen
Saeed Zaki Al-Deen
Juma Husein Ali
Ali Mohamed Ahmad
Salih Jibreel Al-Bashir
Abdu Ahmad Al-Radi
Wali Al-Deen Suileman
Osman Awad Husein
Mohamdi Awad Husien
Ahmad Husein Ali
Ahmad Ali Awad Allah
Al-Ghali Mohamed Husien
Azirag Mohamed Husien
Hassan Al-Shazali
Mohamed Musa Mohamed
Fadla Al-Naby Ahmad
On 20th November 2022 in Kadogly in South Kordofan, a woman named Zobidah Eisa Komy, 37, was killed on her farm East of Kadogly town, at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon, by an individual wearing a head Turban armed with Kalashnikov.
The details of the incident, as reported by eyewitnesses within the area, occurred when the perpetrator approached the victim on her farm and requested a cup of water; afterward, he left the premises, however, returned to the farm and asked the persons present in the firm their different tribes, he ordered them to group themselves according to their tribes, (Noba, Borgo and Bagara,) and then claimed to only be having an interest in the three individuals from the Noba tribe, among which was the victim, he requested the three to move under the threat of the gun, leading them to a distance away from the farm, and attempted to rape one of the three women, however, went unsuccessful, as she resisted and managed to escape, he fired a bullet towards her direction but missed her, he then attempted to rape the victim, of which she equally fought, which prompted him to shoot her with five live bullets, and left her in a pool of blood.
The surviving women alerted the passersby, and they managed to rush the victim to Kadogly Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival; in November 2022on, Kalashnikov; and afterward, eyewitnesses and bullets, the matter was reported to the Police of Kadogly.

DNMD, call upon, The State Party should address the human rights violations in South Kordofan and East Kadogoly in the following ways.

Protect all civilians in conflict areas and ensure violations of international human rights and humanitarian laws are investigated and prosecuted.
Create a federal and state-level investigation of insecurity in the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan. This should be solved immediately.
Conduct and observe the rule of law and ban security agencies’ impunity.
Ensure that police investigate and support the prosecution of crimes committed by non-state actors and government-affiliated armed groups where they violate the rights of civilians.
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