Darfur – End Violence Against Farmers

On December 5, 2022, at approximately two in the afternoon, in “Umm Daw Um Ban” administrative Unit “Alsalam” Locality, Famous for “Jami Ubo-Ajora” South Darfur. Several ten Camel Herders of the Riziqat tribe forcefully led their Camels into the Farms of the residents of the area; the Farms are precisely located on the Border of the Tulus Locality, the scope of Saddon and Dikka, North of the valley separating “Tulus” and “Grader” Locality. It led to the damage of 26 acres of “Fadan” of land. A force affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces RSF, near the incident Location never intervened to deescalate the situation, the Force only intervened after the persistence of the owners of the Farms for their intervention, and they responded by only ordering the Trespassers to vacate the Farms without any attempt to subject the perpetrators to justice.

DNMD spoke to one of the residents, who said, “we have always reported the violations to the Rapid Support Forces; however, we have always not been attended to; we are demanding that the concerned authorities intervene and address our concerns.” The damaged Vegetation is the ownership of the Following:

Adam Bakhit Salih;
Hassan Ali Yunis;
The Family of Abakar Bakhit and
Adam Gamar.
The continued destruction of Farms by rebel Shepherds, South Darfur State.

On November 30, 2022, at approximately 7 pm, in Marishing Locality, South Darfur State, three civilians were subjected to beatings and torture by two armed individuals of the Arab tribes; on Camel’s backs, they assaulted the civilians, “Abdallah Ali Mohamed Ishaq” aged 22 years, “Khalid Yahya Mohamed” aged 32 years and lastly a woman by the name of Kultum Ibrahim Abdallah. “Ishaq” was hit on the head with the back of the gun in the area of “Wadi Hilib” North-East Mirshing Locality, approximately 2kms, and ‘Khalid Yahya” was equally assaulted on the head with the back of the gun. In contrast, Kaltuma was attacked on the head, and her hair was shaved off.

The details of the incident were narrated by eyewitnesses to DNMD, detailing that the victims were on their way back from the Farm riding Tuk Tuk they were intercepted by the two individuals, armed and riding on Camel’s Back, wearing Uniforms similar to the Rapid Support Forces Uniform, they were stopped at gunpoint, beaten and verbally assaulted. The victims reported the matter to the Police of Mirshing. On Saturday, November 26, 2022, in Mersheng Locality, Manwashi administrative unit. South Darfur State, several farms in the suburb of Manwashi from the southern side, 7 km away, were destroyed by Bedouin shepherds, Rizeigat Mahamid Tribe, with the forceful occupation of sheep cattle in a large amount, about 400 heads and cows into the Farms of the citizens of the region. The owners of the Firms raised complaints to the authorities, and a combined force responded to the incident from the army, the Rapid Support Forces, and the police on four four-wheel drive vehicles. When they reached the farms, they were exposed to heavy gunfire by the shepherds. The situation was controlled, and the Menwashi police arrested the livestock owners, and they were deported on 29/11 to Nyala.

Destruction of farms by the rebel Shepherds is recurring frequently. Fourteen farms were destroyed as a result. And the owners of farms affected are

Alian Ali Ibrahim
Isaac Ibrahim Adam
Isaac Muhammad Abdullah
Amer Ahmed earlier
Youssef Ahmed earlier
Mohammad Ahmed Abkar
Yahya Ahmed
Hassan Musa is a martyr
Aisha Hassan
Othman Saif Al-Din Ali
Mohammad Saif Al-Din Adam
Mohamed Soliman
Rashid Ahmed Tab
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