The incidents of violence against civilians of Central Darfur, Zalingei.

On January 2, 2023, at 9:30 pm in Nirti locality, Central Darfur, Zallingi, two gunmen wearing the uniform of the Rapid Support Forces RSF and riding on a motorcycle, opened fire on the car “a commercial vehicle coming from Sarqil area, north of Nirti, about 8 km f when they reached Wadi Fadlaqi, north of Nirti shots by the Gun Men were fire,d and one of the civilians was wounded Abdul Mawali Ishaq Ali Adam, 75 years old. He was injured in his right leg. A report was opened at the Nirti Local Police Station, and the injured person was transferred to Nirti Hospital for treatment; then, his situation was not good, and the doctor immediately transferred him to the Nyala hospital for treatment.

A separate incident occurred on December 31, 2022,11pm in Nirti locality, Central Darfur state, Zalingei; two gunmen, riding on a motorcycle, attacked a civilian named “Nasreddin Harun Muhajir,” 18 years old, he is a student a secondary school at Al Gharbia School; the victim was outside the house when with his friends. On his return home, he was shot by the perpetrators and wounded in the neck. A report was opened at the Nirti Police Station, and the injured person was transferred to Nyala Teaching Hospital for treatment.

 On December 28-29, 2022, at 3 pm in the Al-Moreen market inside Al-Hamidi camp for IDPs, Central Darfur, Zalingei, a scuffle occurred between the civilian “Ismail Hassan Ismail,” 25 years old, who lives in Al-Hamidi Camp Block 6., who works in Mobiles Shop, was killed by “Ahmed Khalil Ahmed” belong to Arab tribes (Maherria) who lives in Al-Tiba block, neighboring Hamdya Camp. Armed militias attack burned houses of civilians.

Background of incidents:

Eyewitnesses confirmed DNMD: “The perpetrator purchased the battery from Ismail two weeks ago and then came back and claimed to renew it was not good, so he returned it to Ismail, and Ismail refused to receive the battery on the pretext that it had been used for a long time.

A quarrel occurred between Ismail Hassan Ismail and Ahmed Khalil Ahmed. The people intervened in the Market to contain the situation, but Ahmed Khalil Ahmed took out a knife and fatally stabbed Ismail Hassan. 

Hence, the people who witnessed the altercation took Ismail immediately to the zalingi Teaching Hospital for treatment, the victim, Ismail, died in the hospital, and the people in the moreen market took The perpetrator to the handed over to the police officer. The accused’s family protested against handing over their son to the police, so they gathered an armed force and had two Toyota vehicles belonging to the Rapid Support Forces RSF; the force consisted of approximately 100 people.

 In addition, the perpetrator’s family resides in the hi Taiba neighborhood, next to Hamidiy camp for IDPs for the displaced. The force opened fire on the Civilians inside the Market, and the attack resulted in the killing of more than four and the wounding of more than two of the Civilians in the Market.

 The attacks were also renewed on December 29, 2022, at precisely 8 am on the second day. The Al-Hamidiya camp for the displaced was attacked in the southeast by the Arab militias supported by the Rapid Support Forces RSF, consisting of approximately 110 armed militias were fired heavy bullets at the defenseless innocent IDPs inside the Hamidi camp; the attack resulted in the death of one called Abdul Aziz Musa Issa Abkar, 62, who lives in the Al-Hamidi camp for the displaced.

Eyewitnesses from the Hamidi camp told DNMD that the rapid support force SRF commander in the state, Major General Ali Yaqoub, distributed more than 100 weapons to the Arab militias to attack civilians in the Hamidi camp, which is located in the Taiba neighborhood, only 8 km away from the IDPs camp in Hamidi. This Ali Yaqoub was formerly among the Janjaweed militias, which were called the Border Guard, which belonged to Musa Hilal between 2003 to 2004. He committed crimes against innocent people in the Wadi Bari, Koja, kala, kool, surra, faga Dikwa, Kalkal, and Surra in Central Darfur. Now he has been rewarded as a base leader for rapid support of Forces in central Darfur.

The killed Victims:

  1. Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar Al-Senussi Basi,27-year-old, hmida camp center 6
  2. Khaled Ahmed Adam, 25-year-old 
  3. Sharaf al-Din Ishaq Hassan Kara42-year-old old
  4. Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Rahman, 32-year-old 
  5. Ismail Hassan Ismail,26-year-old 
  6. Abdul Aziz Musa Issa Abkar, 62-year-old

The Wounded Victims:

  1. Hamdi Abdel Manan Abdullah.
  2. Nouraldin Abdul Karim Salman was stabbed with a knife.
  3. Abdul Mawali Ishaq Ali Adam, 75 years old.

DNMD also calls on:

  • GoS in central Darfur to take concrete action to stop such attacks against the civilian population by armed militia groups and immediately launch proper investigations into the actions
  • Urges UNITAMS  to continue protecting civilians
  • Urges the Government of Sudan to enhance security sector reforms and deploy fully resourced security personnel to protect civilians and ensure law and order in different parts of Darfur.

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