North Darfur State is experiencing massive gun attacks by armed militias against civilians.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD is deeply concerned. Over the past week, innocent civilians have been victimized by human rights abuses and gun attacks by militias while going about their daily lives in North Darfur. On 5th January 2023, in Al-Fasher North Darfur State, at approximately half past Four in the evening, a group of Four-Armed Individuals driving a Salon Car “Avanti, Hyundai” Silver in Color, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, intercepted the way of the Leader of the Justice and equality movement responsible for Security affairs, by the name of “ Hamid Idriss Jazam” 55 years of age, while driving from “Abu Shook” Block the headquarters of the movement heading to Al-Thora South Block, he was intercepted when almost reaching his home, and was forcefully removed from the Vehicle, was hit on the head and the arm, rendered to unconsciousness, and his car was driven away by the assailants, the residents rushed the victim to the Hospital. The matter was reported to the South Unit of Al-Fasher Police.

On 6th January 2023, in the Locality of Kabkabia, North Darfur State, an armed Militia consisting of two individuals riding on Motorbikes, armed with two Kalashnikov rifles, wearing uniforms described by eyewitnesses to be similar to that of the Rapid Support Forces carried attack on the Civilian Mohamed Abdulrahman Hamid famous for “ Wad Ayiah” aged 24 years, while driving his Vehicle the type of “Toyota truck,” coming from the village of Girgwo and heading to Kabkabia Locality, upon reaching the area of “Khor Aradeeb,” he was held at Gunpoint and was asked to hand over the Vehicle upon his resistance, he was Shot, and left bleeding, from the chest area, the neighbors aided him in the area. He was rushed to the Kabkabia Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The next day- On 7th January 2023, the family members reported the matter to the Police of Kabkabia, and the residents of the area were not happy with the state of events and came out in groups to trace the footsteps of the perpetrators; they outlined the steps to the village of Mistareha, “ Mistareha is a region controlled by Musa Hillal, the leader of the border guards Militia, and he committed crimes against Humanity, in the areas of Saraf Umra, Kutum, Wadi Bari” upon the civilians arriving in the area, the Civilians were Successful for the capture of the Perpetrators and were eventually handed over to the Police of Kabkabia.

In the locality of Kabkabia On January 6, 2023, At approximately 5 p.m., three armed individuals were riding on a motorcycle in the village of Jewelry, in the locality of Kabkabia, in North Darfur State. On Camel’s back and Motorbikes, described by eyewitnesses as wearing the Uniform of the Rapid Support Forces, the fire was opened on two Civilians, leading to the Citizens Sustaining Grave bodily injuries. The Civilians were attacked from inside their farms; the Perpetrators carried out the attack to rob the victims; on their resistance, they were immediately attacked and searched, and the assailants did not get any valuable property on the victims, apart from a small mobile phone.

The Victims are by the names of

  1. Haroun Adam Mohamed, aged 25 years and
  2. Abu Al-Gasim Ishaq Adam, 30 years old.

The first victim sustained gunshot wounds to his head, and the second sustained wounds to his left hand; the witnesses rushed them to the attack to Kabkabia Hospital for urgent medical attention.

In a third incident that occurred on 6th January 2023, that occurred in Kabkabia Locality, in Al-Sortney Camp, the IDP “Ahmad Mohamed Adam” Sustained Gunshot wounds while returning from collecting firewood approximately 3 KMs from the Camp; he was stopped by two armed individuals riding on Camel’s back and opened fire on the victim. The victim sustained gunshot wounds to the Legs and was rushed by residents of the Camp to the Clinic of the Camp for Medical attention.

In a separate incident that occurred on 7th January 2023, in the area of Goz-Marfina, Kirikiri Administrative Unit, approximately 20 Kms from Saraf Umra Locality, at around 4 pm, three armed individuals riding on two Motorbikes, intercepted a Vehicle, “ Land Cruiser” the Vehicle was on its way from “Goz Marfaina Kirikiri” heading to Saraf Umra, the Vehicle was carrying occupants from Kirikiri weekly Market, together with goods purchased from the Market, the assailants forcefully removed the occupants, and they were asked to lie on the floor. The Vehicle was driven away by the assailants. Passersby, who had discovered the victims, aided the victims in reaching their destinations, and the matter was later reported to the Police of Saraf Umra.

In a separate state of events that occurred on the 8th January 2023, in Hai Al-Amara, in the town of Saraf Umra, North Darfur State, at approximately 11 pm, eyewitnesses reported to DNMD monitors that two unknown Gun Men riding on Motorbikes opened fire on the Civilian Abakar Ishaq Ali Omar, aged 25 years old, resident of Hai Al-WAadi Saraf Umra Locality. The attack resulted in the victim sustaining two Broken Legs; he was transferred to Al-Genina Hospital for treatment; the doctors described the wounds as dangerous and could lead to permanent disability. The matter was reported to Saraf Umra Police station.

On the same day, 8th January 2023, in the Locality of Saraf Umra, North Darfur State, the Citizen Jaber Yaqoub Abd al-Mawli” was subjected to an armed assault by three perpetrators while he was riding on his way from the area of Kala to “Khartoum Jadid” on the back of a private motorbike. After he moved from the site of “Blafrash” heading towards “Caracal” Administrative Unit, he was chased from behind by three armed individuals on the back of two motorbikes; they managed to catch him next to ‘Caracal and at gunpoint.” His Motorbike was hijacked, and he was left in remoteness.

  • DNMD requests that the government disarm to achieve peace and justice in North Darfur.
  • People in Darfur rely on peacekeepers for protection, and the UN and AU must not turn a blind eye to this. By withdrawing UNAMID, armed militias would irresponsibly and needlessly threaten tens of thousands of lives. Still, the government and Peace, juba Agreement Groups fail to protect the civilians in the Darfur region.
  • Human rights abuses in Darfur should be investigated independently by international communities and national governments.
  • The international community must show solidarity with the victims and survivors of atrocity crimes in the Darfur region’s 20-year conflict.

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