In west Darfur, civilians are being killed unlawfully:

On 14th February 2023, at approximately half past 2 pm, in Kubi Administrative Unit Habila Locality, Al-Geniena West Darfur State, a Police Patrol was subjected to a massive firing of bullets by an armed group. The patrol was on official duty coming from Habila to Kubi in Khor Mangaia, South of the Kubi Administrative Unit; the armed group ambushed them, and after ensued an exchange of fire that resulted in the injury of two members of the Police.

In the details as confirmed by DNHR monitors on the ground of the incident, the Patrol a Landcruiser was carrying salaries of the Police of Kubi Administrative Unit, Habila Locality, when the Vehicle reached “Khor Mangaia” they fell into an ambush by an armed group consisting of ten Individuals, armed with different weapons, wearing the uniform of the Rapid Support Forces, while others wearing civilian attires, riding on Motorbikes, the parties exchanged fire.

The attack resulted in the injury of a soldier named “Hassan Juma,” aged 32 years of age, who was injured in the chest; the Perpetrators were overpowered and eventually withdrew. Additional Forces joined the Police Patrol consisting of three Vehicles of a combined force of Police and Army; at approximately half past 4 Pm, the Force went on a hunt for the Perpetrators and followed the Perpetrators to Damra Al-Hadi Shinibat From Arab Biney Halba in the area of Um Sangati, a distance of 7 Km, South of Kubi Administrative Unit, the residents were given a period of one week to handover the Perpetrators.

On 14th February 2023, at approximately 5 pm, in the Village of Masamagi, North the Locality of Habila, Al-Geniena West Darfur State, at a distance of 10 km from the North Side.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR), that at approximately 5 pm, three armed individuals armed with 2 Kalashnikov Rifles, riding on Motorbikes, two of them wearing the Uniform of the Rapid Support Forces, and one in Civilian attire, fired live bullets on a soldier of the Armed Forces, named Sulieman Mattar Ibrahim, aged 28 years, in the Village of Masamagi, North the Locality of Habila, according to the medical report resulting in breaking his right Leg.

The assailants then went ahead to loot his Suitcase containing clothes and cash to the tune of 70 thousand Sudanese Pounds and mobile phones, and the victim was rushed to Al-Genina Hospital in West Darfur. The victim claims to have identified one of the assailants and knows where he resides.

On 12th February 2023 at approximately 3 pm in “Umm Shalia” Administrative Unit, Kirinik Locality- Al-Genina- West Darfur State, Two Army Vehicles- of a combined Force was attacked by an Armed Group.

The Army Vehicles were traveling from the West of Al-Genina to the Weekly Market of “Umm Shiala” the Force had reached the Market and was heading back to the State of West Darfur, on “Wadi Rowey” on the West-South Side a distance of a half Km, the Vehicles were intercepted by a group of Two armed individuals, riding on a Motorcycle, the Vehicle in front was fired with live bullets, according to the testimony of the eye witness within the area, the perpetrators then fled the scene. Eye Witnesses confirmed to DNHR that the Perpetrators escaped toward the Market, and the Civilians within the Market got worried and ran away.

The incident resulted in the death of two Soldiers and the injury of three others. The names of the Killed Victims:

Ashraf Juma, 32 years, is attached to the Armed Forces.
Mohamed Gandri.
The names of the Injured Victims:

Ahmed Bakhit.
Darfur Network for Human Rights tried to obtain the name of the other injured Victims but did not obtain the names from the Authorities did not get a response. The wounded victims were rushed to Umm Shialia for urgent medical attention.

On 7th February 2023, at approximately 7 pm, at Dangai Village, at a distance of 3 Kms from “Wadi Bari” and Karinga Village Umm Tojok Administrative Unit, Kirinik Locality Al-Genina West Darfur State, the Civilian, a female Child by the name of Kaltuma Mohamed Khatir aged 16 years old, went to fetch water from a borehole. On her way returning home, she was ambushed by a group of 4 individuals, all averagely aged 17 years, from the tribe of Awlad Marmi; the group approached the victim with a knife and forced her to lie on the ground; they then proceeded to rape her Alternately. One of the passers-by alerted the Family of the incident.

A search group consisting of 30 individuals to hunt for the Perpetrators; the Group successfully captured three of the assailants, while the fourth managed to escape. The victim was taken to Umm Tajok Police and transferred to Umm Tajok Hospital. The Police detained the Perpetrators.

Gun violence and armed militias are killing, injuring, and forcing civilians to flee their homes daily in the Darfur region. The military coup in Sudan usurped the democratic transition process, leaving civilians defenseless, so they killed them daily without mercy.

Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

Darfur Network In a much-needed step towards campaigning with our partners to stop being killed unlawfully by RSF and militias in west Darfur,
Gun violence is a daily tragedy that impacts people around the Darfur region, most of whom live in conflict zones. It must for GoS to stop this violation of human rights urgently, as well as take responsibility for protecting them.
In Darfur, Janjaweed militias have committed serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity, and the international community is also responsible for protecting civilians.
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