Security is deteriorating in Central Darfur State by armed militias:

( February 15,2023 Central Darfur -Zalingei ) At 12:30 am on February 13, 2023, two armed individuals attacked the house for an assassination attempt of Dr. Al-Amin Mahmoud Mohamed Osman, 67, in Nirti locality – Central Darfur state Zalingei.In the accident details, two people with Kalashnikovs entered his house at midnight at exactly twelve-thirty at night. They found his cousin Mubarak Mohammed Abkar Osman, who was 50 years old. In the middle of the night, he awoke and asked Mubarak where his uncle was; he meant doctor Al-Amin Mahmoud, to which Mubarak replied that he didn’t know where he was.

By telephone, Darfur Network for Human Rights interviewed Dr. Al-Amin Mahmoud. He confirmed the statement. A possible assassination attempt was attempted on him by unknown armed men. As soon as the perpetrators left the house, they shot the driver of Dr. Al-Amin’s vehicle at the outer door. There was an injury above the knee on his northern thigh, an injury on the fingers of his right hand, and a wound on his chest. The patient was taken to Nyala Hospital for treatment. The Nirti local police have opened a report in the corny area.

On 10th February 2023, at approximately half past two p.m., a convoy of the “Wali” Governor of Central fell into an armed ambush on the way to an assassination attempt in Bornkatora, Zalingi Central Darfur State. It was attacked by an Armed Group, whereby a hail of bullets was fired at the Convoy in the area of “Jildo western “Jabal Mara. There was an exchange of fire between the Armed group and the Governor’s guards at a distance of 4 kilometers.

What happened in detail? To assess the conditions of Western Jabal Mara, the Convoy visited the area as information reached that the Civilians closed the markets in “Diribat,” “Rikoro,” and “Golo” for three weeks because of constant violations by the Militia groups while they were traveling to and from the market, many were killed and others raped. Civilians complained to the “Governor.” The Governor responded by visiting the areas of Jabal Mara and listening to the civilians’ verbal complaints centered on the lack of security.

Combined Forces, including Rapid Support Forces, were promised by the Governor; the Civilians requested only the Sudanese Army protect them. In response to the Governor’s request, the Army was deployed strictly. When the Governor’s Convoy returned to Zalingi after his visit, it was ambushed by Bornkatora” near Corny and Jildo, Zalingi, at a distance of 4 km on the western side.

According to state security, the Altercation wounded three Governor’s Security team members, and two victims were transferred to South Darfur. Among the injured were a driver named “Mohamed Arbab,” 36 years old, and a private guard for the Governor called Mohamed Suieliman, a Marine Corps officer of the rank of a Lance Corporal and Jido. According to state security, the Altercation wounded three Governor’s Security team members, and two victims were transferred to South Darfur.

Among the wounded were a driver named “Mohamed Arbab,” 36 years old, and a private guard for the Governor called Mohamed Suieliman, a Marine Corps officer of the rank of a Lance Corporal and Jido.

Eyewitnesses informed the Darfur Network for Human Rights that the areas of “Golo” and “Jildo” are controlled by the Militias of the Rapid Support Forces, led by “Ali Yaqoub”; he previously served with the Border Security Forces with “Musa Hilal” from 2003 to 2013. In Saraf Umra, Ali Yaqoub has allegedly committed and orchestrated crimes against humanity.

On 7th February 2023. at approximately 8 pm, at Wadi Milgo west, the Locality of Nirtit, Zalingi, Central Darfur State, a commercial Vehicle “Hyundai” Carrying passengers was subjected to an armed robbery at a distance of 4 Km west of “Nirtiti” the Vehicle was shot by live Bullets by a group of Five Armed Militia, wearing the Uniform of the RSF, while others were wearing Civilian attires, the attack resulted to the death of one civilian by the name of Adam Al-Sair Mohamed Al-Thyb, aged 24 years old, from the Mahadi Tribe.

In contrast, the injury of another person, whose name could not be obtained at the pressing time, the Armed Men described by eyewitnesses as wearing the Uniform of the Rapid Support Force name, could not be accepted. In the details of the incident, the Vehicle was coming from Zalingi town, heading to Nyala South Darfur; the armed group intercepted them on the way, whereby they were fired with bullets.

Eyewitnesses confirmed Darfur Network for Human Rights DNHR, that the Perpetrators were five in number, wearing the Uniform of the Rapid Support Forces, and others wearing Civilians, fired bullets at the Commercial Vehicle; the Vehicle did not stop and continued to speed off; until it reached a location by a group of people Laying Bricks, at a distance of one Km from Nirtiti, the Tire was replaced since it was damaged as a result of the attack, they then reported the matter at Nirtiti Police, the dead body was transferred to Nirtiti Mortuary for Post Mortem.

The following morning, the residents of Ardiba and family members of the deceased created a search group to follow the Perpetrators; they Located the Location of the incident and proceeded to follow the footsteps of the Perpetrators; the search group located a Nomad group from the Rizigat, the Clan of Nawaba, the Leader of the Nomad Group By the name of Eisa Musa, ordered the search group to vacate the Location since the Perpetrators are not among them, the Leader is in charge of the area. One of the residents of the area, while clearly, the perpetrators were from the site, had a verbal argument ensued.

And the search group managed to capture one of the Perpetrators and handed him over to Nirtiti Police. The search group returned to their area in “ Ardiba.” The Family of the Perpetrators moved to Ardiba to try and reach a settlement with the deceased’s family. An agreement was reached to pay 70 Cows and seven sacks of bread as a form of thanksgiving.

On the 5th of February 2023 at approximately 11 am, in Zalingi, Central Darfur State, Four-Armed individuals with Kalashnikov Rifles, with their faces covered with Kadmol “Head Turban,” Hijacked the Vehicle that the civilian “Ali Sulieman Ibrahim, 45 years old,” was driving.

In the details of the incident, the Civilian was driving the Vehicle hired for TDO NGO, heading to “AL-Fasi” 25 Km in the Northern Direction. The Four Gun Men were riding on two motorbikes, intercepted the driver, and opened fire, and as a result, the Victim sustained wounds to the back, and his Spinal Cord, Legs were broken; he was rushed to the Emergency Room where an urgent Operation was performed, the Perpetrators took away with the Vehicle.

The details were confirmed to DNHR by the Sources that confirmed that Combined Forces were able to retrieve the Vehicle. The Perpetrators remained at large and were not yet apprehended. The Victim is recovering at Zalingi Teaching Hospital.

On February 3, 2023, a Civilian, Ahmad Hassan Mohamed, originally from Sudan, was arrested, charged, and convicted for illegally entering the Country. The civilian is of Sudanese parents. However, they were forced to Migrate to Chad, the bordering Country, in 2003 due to the Genocides that were committed against Civilians.

The victim was arrested while traveling from Chad to Sudan, was detained in Zalingi, and asked to provide documents to prove that he was a Sudanese national.

Upon being brought before the Court on February 5, he was sentenced to a fine of two hundred thousand Sudanese Pounds, which will carry a penalty of six months imprisonment. After the victim’s family paid the fine, he was released and discharged from prison.

The attack and A possible assassination attempt by the Militia on the Convoy of the Governor of the state while on an official visit represents the liquidity and the gap in security in the States of Darfur; ironically, the visit was intended to fix the security unrest within the region. Unfortunately, militia groups are robust and capable of interfering with government operations, preventing them from fulfilling their duty to maintain peace.

Sudanese refugees living in countries with similar cultures face a severe problem when they are mistaken for non-citizens in their own countries and then humiliated and arrested. It is an issue authorities should discuss rather than use to extort money from helpless and poor civilians entitled to exist on the soils where they originated.

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