Insecurity in the Darfur region and threats from armed militias in west Sudan:

On April 2, 2023, at 3:00 pm, in Hi, Al-Rahman neighborhood of South Darfur-Nyala, a commander named Abdul-Azim Essa Mustafa, nicknamed Qabuga, 65 years old, Sudanese Armed Forces, Batch 44, Division 16 Infantry, Nyala, South Darfur. He succumbed to injuries sustained when shot by an armed group of 5 armed individuals on board a military Land Cruiser vehicle without plates. He was dressed in the Rapid Support Forces uniform.

The details of the incident go back: while the colonel was on his way home with his children after taking them from school heading towards his home, he was stopped by an armed group near the airport neighborhood, where they asked him to hand over the vehicle, but he refused, so they shot him, wounding him in the neck. His leg caused severe bleeding, and he was transferred to the Turkish Hospital in Nyala, where he died.

An eyewitness said, “Reliable sources said that the gang intercepted his vehicle and stopped him while he was in his uniform. They asked for the car, but the colonel refused to hand it over. One of the gang members shot him, wounding him in the left shoulder. Despite the injury, the colonel drove the vehicle until he delivered it to headquarters. The Western Military Zone, located on Airport Street, was then taken to the Turkish Hospital in Nyala, where he died of his injuries.

Abdel-Azim was killed in front of his young children! Questions remain about this crime. What is the audacity of the criminals who moved their battle to the city’s heart and the army? Do you understand what this site is about? Did they intend to steal only a Land Cruiser? Is it a significant action that wants to ignite a war on the perimeter and transfer the battle to a far field?

The following is the sequence of events and violations by armed militias against police, and Sudanese army forces in the Darfur region, western Sudan, as follows:

On March 28, 2023, at 5 pm. In the Ronqatas area of Azum locality, Central Darfur state, A Land Cruiser belonging to the Sudanese police was attacked by an armed group consisting of men dressed in military uniforms riding six motorized vehicles; As a result, four police soldiers were killed, and five others were wounded, including a police lieutenant. The injured were transferred to Morni Hospital, and from there, they were transferred to Zalingei Hospital: The killing included: (Mohammed Juma Yaqoub, A corporal in the police, Abdul Hameed Adam Gomaa; A soldier in the police, Abdul Lateef Adam Adam Issa; A soldier in the police, and Musa Juma Mustafa; A soldier in the police).

The wounded: (Amer Al-Fateh Haroun; Lieutenant Constable Saleh Mohamed Adam; Corporal of the policeman, Ibrahim Adam Ramadan; Lance Corporal Al-Rashid Mohammed Suleiman; police soldier, and Mohammed Al-Nour Ahmed Hamed, police soldier). The details go back: During the attack, there was a commercial tractor truck loaded with sugar rounds coming from Zalingei on its way to El Geneina, West state; And on the border between (Momo and Ronqtas), it was looted by armed forces and shot by 12 people riding six motorized vehicles, armed with various weapons, including Kalashnikovs, G3s, and snipers. They attacked a tractor, and the car looted the tractor and its driver. While an armed group looted in a tractor cart; the man came with his carn; there were eyewitnesses from the citizens who came from the summer farms, and they informed the police in the Ronqatas station, so the police force, consisting of (9) people led by a lieutenant, moved towards the event near the locality of Azum Ali, after a few meters from the northern side Four policemen and five others were wounded, and the police vehicle, including its weapons, was seized; as ammunition with machine guns; The police force did not come out to return to the car.

The Director of Central Darfur State Police and Mr. Azum, the Local Police Director, also confirmed on his Facebook page (Central Darfur State Police) that four policemen were killed. Five others were wounded, including a lieutenant from the Azum local police, who were ambushed by unidentified gunmen while tracking Their impact after they looted a tractor vehicle on Zalingei El Geneina road near the Momo area of Azum locality.

On March 20, 2023, at 6:30 PM. Jurf village, Murshing locality, South Darfur state, A Land Cruiser was attacked by armed militias have three Vehicles Without number plates after shooting at the joint force working to secure a road and commercial convoys being looted on the road linking North Darfur and South Darfur, which led to the injury of two of them. (Hamid Ahmed Idris, 38 years old. A police sergeant was hit in the head, and Omar Al-Hadi, 23 years old, rank sergeant in the armed forces, was injured in hand and stomach of the tribe of Al-Bani Halba.

An eyewitness told the Darfur Network for Human Rights in the Al-Jurf area of ​​a joint army force and police in the Al-Jurf area, 60 km north of the city of Nyala; after that, a joint force of the army and police moved from South Darfur, Nyala, and the locality of Marshij on military vehicles to follow the perpetrators to retrieve the vehicle. So far, neither the car nor the perpetrators have been found. The force is still tracing the perpetrators. The injured were transferred to Nyala Hospital for treatment.

On March 20, 2023, at 6:00 pm. In the Jurf area in the Marching locality, South Darfur state. A police headquarters was attacked about 60 kilometers north of Nyala by armed militias on board three cruisers loaded with heavy weapons. The police vehicle was seized with force, which resulted in the injury of: (Hamid Ahmed Idris, 38 years old, A police sergeant who was hit in the head by the tribe of Al-Bunni Halba., and Omar Al-Hadi, 23 years old, rank sergeant in the armed forces, was wounded in hand and stomach by the tribe of Al-Bani Halba)

After that, a joint force of the army and the police moved on military vehicles to follow up on the perpetrators’ trail to retrieve the vehicle; Until now, the car has not been postponed, nor has the perpetrator been arrested.

On Thursday, March 16, 2023, at precisely 8:00 pm in Kabm locality, South Darfur state, Nyala. The administrative officer’s Landcruiser was ransacked by two armed individuals who were riding two motorcycles wearing military gear, which led to the killing of Al-Waleed Youssef Fadl Al-Mawli, the administrative officer of the locality of Kabm, and the driver, Essa Hussein Abdel Aziz, and the wounding of three others.

Eyewitnesses report to Darfur Network for Human Rights that the vehicle was traveling from Umm Labasa to Kabm. The incident occurred in Al-Bishma between Umm Labassa and Kabm, and the administrative officer and his driver was killed. Three of the perpetrators were handcuffed, and the perpetrators drove the vehicle. Immediately after the news of the accident reached the local presidency, a joint force of the police and the General Intelligence moved to the scene, where the bodies of the two dead men were found. Following up on the vehicle traces, they were found inside the Markandi Valley, and the perpetrator was not found.  The driver’s body was dissected at Kabm Hospital. The body of the administrative officer, Alwaleed Youssef, was also brought to Nyala, where an autopsy order autopsied the body, which was buried in the Al-Thawra neighborhood in Nyala; Communiqué No. (131) was registered with the local police in Kabm under Articles 130/175 of the Criminal Code, and a team of specialized police units was formed to follow up on the report to reach the perpetrator.

On March 13, 2023, around 12:00 AM, in the jebel sea administration – kabakabi locality in northern Darfur state, A Military Central Reserve Forces car moved with six soldiers towards El Fasher to bring food supplies of Ramadhan for the military; on their way going to between Kabakya and Ed Al Nabak area at the southern side about 1o km from  Kabakya Locality was stopped them by three vehicles armed weapon they starting asked them to step down and hand over their passing movement document, they show them the documents and also requesting their guns, which they refused to hand their gun, immediately leading to the gun firing.

As a result, killing, one and three were wounded. Whom: Ahmed Mosa Mohamed Ahmed, 37 years old, married with three children, were killed, and those who were injured, Adam Kalil Abdula Mohammed, 39 years, Nuraldin Mahamed Ibrahim Maki, 36 years, and driver Mohammed Ahmed nicknamed Abu Fur, 39 years.

The eyewitness said to Darfur Network for Human Rights, “perpetrators moved from the hi Shatty area of Kabakya with three cars about ten persons with deferent guns they wearing unfirm like RSF, and covers theirs faces, and were stopped the Military Central Reserve Forces moved with a longer vehicle and six militaries towards El Fasher to bring food supplies of Ramadhan for the military to the kabkabey locality.

After that, the diver was called back to the central reserve forces inkabakabi ; then, the joint force of the army and the police moved to the incident scene and traced the perpetrators’ path, but they were not arrested. The injured were taken to the police hospital in El Fasher; a report was opened at the Kabakya police locality.  Ahmed Mosa Ahmed was buried On Wednesday, March 14, 2023, in kabakabi.

Indications of an upcoming conflict are coming between Khartoum’s centers of power and Darfur’s battlefield and its helpless people. Details come back after differences between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army on the framework agreement, which caused security chaos;

The Darfur Network for Human Rights sees the security chaos related to the Sudanese military and Rapped Support Forces RSF in the framework agreement. Also, the political conflicts and the role of the armed militias, especially the Arab tribes, in forming a new opposition force by their leader Musa Hilal and others to fight the army and police in the states to weaken them after that militias Armed with the Rapid Support Forces fully control the strategic places in the Darfur region.

According to reliable sources, there are places now in the groups of armed militias, such as the (Koino Mountains0, located in the northeast, 20 km from the state of Central Darfur, Zalingei; Also, the Quino region is located south of the Saraf Omar locality in North Darfur, El Fasher, 16 km away. As well as (The mountains of Goa) Central Darfur Zalingei state is located on the northern side, 40 km. (and the Karkawa Mountains) from the northeastern side of Central Darfur state, Zalingei, 30 km away, and this area is rich in dense forests and water. There were leaders of armed militias from the Awakening Council led by Musa Hilal. Among them are Al-Fadl Al-Nanani, and Abu Shaar. Al-Iman estimated that they were about 2,000 fighters with different weapons. With vehicles between 25 and 30 and motorcycles between 1000 and 1500. This situation will lead to more Human Rights violations in the Darfur region.

Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

  • International communities should ensure the UN system has the means and political backing to improve reporting. As a result of attacks and ongoing insecurity in the Darfur region, the government has lost control over armed militias.
  • We call upon The Peace and Security Council (PSC) to make decisions to prevent conflicts between RSF and Sudanese armed forces and policies possibly leading to genocide and crimes against humanity again.
  • To UNITAMS to ensure that peace is promoted and security for the Sudanese people, and support the transition of a democratic civilian government.

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