At least 33 were killed and 18 injured in militias attacks in ForBaranga Locality – West Darfur.

 New attacks by armed Arab assailants on civilians in ForBaranga Locality, west Darfur, before two days on April 2023 have left 33 dead, 18 were wounded, thousands displaced, and hundreds of civilian homes scorched, and property looted, Darfur Network for Human Rights said today.

On April 10-11, 2023, in For Baranga locality, West Darfur state – El Geneina, an attack by Arab armed militias led to the killing and wounding of several civilians and the burning of homes. Despite the GoS’s announcement of an Emergency Law, west Darfur, El Geinana, continues to attack civilians through armed Militias controlling Forbaranga Locality and surrounding areas. However, killing civilians, burning houses, and displacing people from their homes violates human rights.

Details of the accident The cause of the attack on the ForBaranga locality, West Darfur Western State El Geinana, was on April 9, 2023, at precisely 7:20 pm. This was the killing of the resident Ahmed Adam (Al-Maqlab Basnak), 30 years old, belonging to the Masalit tribe. He is married and has two children from the Masalit tribe. He was killed by two people armed with 2 Kalashnikovs in military uniforms like RSF, and they were riding a motorcycle; they called him from his house. The victims came outside and shot him in the stomach, killing him immediately. The perpetrators fled in an unknown direction. A report was filed with the Fort Baranga local police, and he was buried at 11 pm at night.

“He died at 9 pm after suffering a gunshot wound to his stomach, a broken thigh, and two arteries, with blood clean and sharp, according to the doctor’s testimony. Also, the victim’s wife said that when they called her husband after the call ended, three armed men, wearing dark clothes similar to Chadian clothes, came on motorbikes. I knocked on the door from the side of the house, and my husband left the place to meet them. I heard bullets hitting the door. I found him shot in the stomach and broken his thigh and flank, and after they left, the victim’s wife said that. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators threatened a citizen with a motorbike after killing Ahmed Adam. However, they could not take the motorcycle and headed toward the city’s north.”

On Sunday, April 9, after the Maghrib prayer, unknown persons shot the young man, Ahmed Adam Ariik (Sinak), in front of his house. On the morning of the day, the dead man’s family followed the criminals’ trail, and they were on their way to search for the perpetrators. However, the citizens found a young man named Abdullah Issa, who belonged to an Arab tribe. He was riding a motorbike to the market from the administrative unit of Amjokti. After that, as panic spread, the perpetrators armed several members of the first victim’s family for publicity in case of an attack. This was the result of panic.

After the second victim’s body was buried, some administrative and security authorities tried to calm the situation by using negotiation policies between the two parties. This helped them reach a solution. Still, these parties could not solve the problem despite their efforts. Militias took over an area, leading to a critical situation. A clash occurred between the two parties, leading to the killing and wounding of several people and the burning many houses in the eastern neighborhoods (Al-Shati – Al-Salam – Al-Tadamon).

After the two parties gathered, some skirmishes took place between them. At the same time, others from the second victim’s family were betrayed. This worsened the situation, and a clash occurred between the two parties, which led to the killing and wounding of many people and the burning of several houses in the eastern areas (Al-Salam zone, Al-Shati zone, Madina Al-Munawara zone, Al-Tadamon zone, Al-Kifah zone). They looted civilian property: sums of money, vehicles, rickshaws, and household utensils, and killed civilians inside their homes.

Eyewitnesses say tribal clashes have been ongoing since the morning between the Arabs and the Masalit in the Fora Baranga locality. This is following the assassination of one of the Masalit sons yesterday. This caused panic to follow the trail of the perpetrators, and during the tracking, one of the Arab sons was assassinated. As a result of the clash and live bullets, particularly in the eastern neighborhood, we were unaware of the extent of the losses until now.

On April 10, 2023, General Khamis Abdullah Abkar, Governor of West Darfur State, declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew. Throughout West Darfur state.

The number of people killed during the events:

  1. Khamisa Musa, 80 years old, lives in the Al Tadamon zone
  2. Mariam Abdel Rahim Adam Hassabllah, 39 years old, lives in the Al Tadamon zone
  3. Mohammed Hussein Abdullah, 21 years old, lives in Al-Salam Zone B
  4. Abdul Razeq Ahmed Al-Omar, 39 years old, lives in Al-Salam Zone B
  5. Omar Ibrahim, 34 years old, lives in Al-Salam Zone B
  6. Yaqoub Younis Mohammed, 39 years old, lives in the Al-Shati zone
  7. Abda Issa, 45, lives in Buhaira West
  8. Al-Hafiz Abdul-Rahman, age 34, lives in Al-Salam zone B
  9. Adam Yahya, 47 years old, lives in the Wahda West zone
  10. Saif Al-Din Issa Ishaq, 23 years old, lives in Al-Salam Zone B
  11. Ahmed Issa Ishaq, 34 years old, Al-Salam zone B
  12. Abaker, 90 years old, lives in the Madina Munawar zone
  13. Niya Abkaer, 37 old, lives in Madina Munowara area
  14. Ahmed Adam Ariik
  15. Abdullah Issa
  16. Yahya Muhammad Ishaq al-Kajli
  17. Hafez Abdullah
  18. Abdul Razeq Ahmed
  19. Omar Ibrahim
  20. Mohammed Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Nama
  21. Bashir Mohammed Bashir
  22. Adam Yahya Zakal
  23. Al-Tayeb Hajj Moghaddam
  24. Ali Al-Kaji Hamed
  25. Hajja Maryam Abdel Rahim (Sassi)
  26. Essa Ahmed, the father of (Sharaf El Din Essa)
  27. Mohammed Hussein
  28. Hajja Khamisa Musa (Mother of Salah Zakaria)
  29. Abdulaziz (owner of MTN shop)
  30. Issa Mohammed
  31. Abdo Adam Issa
  32. Jacob and D. Gish
  33. Mohammed Harun Ishaq

Names of the injured

  1. Adam Abdullah Mohammed, 39 years old, Salam Zone b
  2. Hamid Barma Mohammed Abkar, age 40, Al-Salam zone b
  3. Jamal Ahmed, 28 years old, Salam zone
  4. Mohammed Abkar Dunqul, age 34, Al-Salam zone b
  5. AL fadel Ramadan Abdullah Adam, 22 years old, Al-Salam zone b
  6. Al-Zubair Al-Sadiq Mohammed, 29, Al-Shati zone
  7. Nawal Bakhit Ishaq, 23 years old, Buhaira West zone
  8. Mazen Mohammed Bahr, four years old, Buhaira West zone
  9. Muzn Mohammed Bahr 6, Buhaira West District
  10. Mubarak Mohammed Bagari, 39, Buhaira West zone
  11. Ahmed Karkadar, 35 years old, Buhaira West zone
  12. Al-Taher Younis Mohammed, 38 years old, Al-Shati zone
  13. Abbas Omar Mohammed, 29 years old, Al-Sati zone
  14. Abdullah Zakaria Abdul Rahman, 13 years old, Al-Sati zone

 Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

  • We hold the state government in West Darfur responsible for the gross violations of human rights, the propagation of weapons, and the absence of the rule of law,
  • The government of Sudan is responsible for attacking, burning villages, and shelling civilian targets, razing entire cities and towns, displacing millions into homelessness of civilians,
  • We call on the international and regional community and our partners to take alternative measures and intervene to investigate the crimes of killing and burning innocent civilian villages to stop the use of unjustified human rights violations against innocent civilians in the Darfur region.

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