Unlawful arrest of Al-Nur by SAF in North Darfur- El Fasher:

On August 17, 2023, at precisely 1:30 p.m., in the neighboring Al-Nasr block B area in the north of Darfur state of El Fasher, there was an arrest of a citizen 56-year-old man called Khatir Hamid Al-Nur by SAF, he was the legal person in Al-fasher general court linking up the community in need for legal documents of marriage certificates. The victim also lives in Al-Fasher; he was accused of belonging to the RSF.

According to witnesses and their families, they have told the Darfur Network for Human Rights DNHR that the forces who came to their home during the arrest of their Father were the SAF army group with the three well-equipped military vehicles bragging around in the image of terrorism in the area. SAF, led by Al-Fakeh, came with three army vehicles well-packed with weapons, and on top of his car was Duska.

They both merged their powers and went to the victim’s home, Khatir, and they found him not around but only his five families at the house; worse than this, they were all females. These five females were tortured, insulted, violated, harshly treated, and questioned toughly while searching for their father, Khater. At this moment, the father was not at home, as stated by the five females, as they didn’t manage to handle the torture together with their mother found with them at home. 

When the five daughters saw the army putting the gun on the head of their mum, called Khaltum  Juma Al-Taher, and torturing something, it broke their hearts to give up and tell the truth about their father’s absence at home because they knew the army will still find him in the market or nearby location since the father was not aware of the arrest too.

The army then searched the house properly, and they left the house. After their abuse, the families and the remaining troops headed to their army head location because they didn’t stay inside the area. They just came to carry out that arrest and then returned to the SAF headquarters.

At the same time, army SAF, led by Al-Fakeh, with two four vehicles and DSHK heavy machine gun on top of the army car having sixteen armed men, headed towards the general market of Al-Fasher where the victim was lifted into the army vehicle and up to this point of arrest, Khater was taken to the security intelligence building where his family failed to discover his location of the same day of arrest unless after one night he spent in that nightmare, the family was able to find some details about his site only but still was not allowed to see or talk to him while he is under the command of the two merged forces and the intelligence house.

The family also was not allowed to know the truth about the arrest because even if the victim committed the crimes, said the family while crying tears, he still can be given time to prove the accusation. We are his family and want to know our father’s case because it’s our human right. The family is also in fear of their father’s unsafety. After all, he may also be tortured as they did to us at home while he was not around.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.

Email: hassan.m@dnhr.org

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