The state of Blue Nile is currently facing unlawful killings by militias and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF)

The state of Blue Nile is currently facing unlawful killings by militias and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF):

On August 20, 2023, SAF and allied militias of Suod al-Nile Al-azraq (the Blue Nile black race of Saltana Al-zarqa (the funj kingdom queen.) As a result of their attacks under Ali Rabie, Mohamed Al-Fakeh (SAF) and Zedan Ali, the king of Fazukuli, 100 armed vehicles, five motorcycles attacked Khorbody, Jorot Dawala (east), and Jorot Burun (West) in the Kurmuk locality of Bule Nile state, injuring 15-year-old Rania Mohamed who was taken to the Assosa hospital where she died.

 In addition, 20 other wounded were hospitalized, properties were destroyed, houses were burned and looted, and 500 civilians were forced to flee to Ethiopia as refugees in camps; they entered Dul Shetalu village and Beding village in search of safety.

 Eyewitnesses told the Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR) that civilians had to travel long distances from Jorot, Khorbody, to receive medical assistance in Assosa, Ethiopia, carrying wounded civilians on their shoulders on the local bed. There were inadequate and bushy roads, no first aid, and no nearest medicals, resulting in the death of most wounded on the way to Assosa hospital, like the 15-year-old victim Rania Mohamed, who died there.


A similar commander, Zedan Ali, who was a member of the Sudan National Congress Party NCPA in Jesan locality in Bule Nile state on November 20, 2011, murdered 11 civilians who were working with the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM-N) government when they were arrested, handcrafting including Jayli Lugman Mohamed, Khalifa Al-baye, Fadalmula, Fadul Al-tawella Lugman Mohamed, Hessen Juma Sayyid, Al-Tijani Adam Ibrahim, Mohamed Abdulfadeal, Amaar Abdulfatah, Al-Rayia Khalid Marqani, Mohamed Nile Darwesh, Walid Khalid Abaye, they took them to the mountain between Amdarfa, and Fazuquli where they torture and slaughtering them.

 When their head provisions, especially in old age, they left the family in sorrow for their loved ones. Throughout their lives, they invested in education provided under tied hardship economies.

With 50 vehicles and 200 armed soldiers, SAF attacked Burun tribes in the Jorot West Area of Kurmuk locality belonging to Bule Nile state on August 10, 2023. However, they were not found during their attacks on SPLM/A-N. As a result, civilians were tortured and questioned under investigations about the SPLA-N location and accused of supporting the SPLA-N.

At 10 p.m. on August 11, 2023, SAF, allied militias of Suod Al-Nile Al-Azraq, attacked a fungating home area near Jorot Burun west, killing four civilians. This includes Bashir Mustafa, Adam Al-Fakeh, and Abas Shengel, Bashir’s father, who served in the SPLM/A army in Yabus under the control of SPLA-N in the Blue Nile. Their accusation was that the victims supported the Sudan people’s liberation army.

A witness from Jorot Burun tribes West told Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR) that SAF, an allied militia of Suod Al-Nile Al-Azraq, violated civil rights by raping and sexually assaulting civilians, as well as burning and looting their homes into arches without leaving any signs of the buildings. 

Over 300 civilians were displaced by those attacks in Hassan River (khour Hassan). As part of their efforts in Bule Nile state, they sought to assist refugees of the Bunj-Doro refugee camps in South Sudan, primarily children, women, elders, and people with disabilities who needed humanitarian assistance. 

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR, by email: and by phone: (+256)752792112 or (+249)924638036.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


Phone: (+256)752792112 or (+249)924638036

P.O. Box: 144218