A week had passed, and RSF and allied militias continued to shell the Hassahissa IDP camp in Central Darfur Zalingi.

(Kampala, Oct 9,2023)The Darfur Network for Human Rights is deeply concerned that RSF troops and allied militia have besieged and repeatedly violated human rights in the IDP camp Hassahissa in Zalingei for over a week now. The shelling killed more than 20 IDPs.

In the early hours of October 9, 2023, at 5 a.m., there was a severe escalation of violence in areas including the (Hasahisa neighborhood, the Hasahisa camp, the Mizan al-hwa neighborhood, part of the governorate neighborhoods north and west, and the Kanjumiya neighborhood) Zalingei Central Darfur, by RSF, and allied militia, which was led by Major General Ali Yagoub, followed by random shootings, shelling and bombardment which killed more than 20 civilians.

Among the victims are ten families, including one with four deceased members and another with two seriously injured members; they were taken to a base for treatment by the SAF. The 36-year-old victim told DNHR that all her family members were killed in the Zalingei shelling.

Allied militias and Rapid Support Forces looted furniture and household items and arranged for their transport.

According to a witness from the Darfur Network for Human Rights, the trucks carrying the looted items headed towards the city’s east from Zalingei.

However, civilians were bombed, beaten, and killed, as well as deprived of electricity and water. RSF, along with allied militias, wanted to take control of these neighborhoods and attacked the SAF’s army headquarters. Consequently, civilians were relocated east of the city to the UNAMID headquarters.

In another incident yesterday, Oct 8, 2023, IDPs from the East side/Sog Tololo area were forced into the Hassahissa IDP camp after a shell attack. Approximately 20 shells were thrown inside the camp, most of which exploded, resulting in three deaths and 16 injuries. Witnesses have reported this to the Darfur Network for Human Rights.

Another incident occurred on Oct 6, 2023; Hillat-Borno village, about 7 kilometers north of Zalingei town, was attacked and looted; all civilians were displaced to Hamidia IDP camps. The Hamidia IDP camp is also experiencing tension; a similar situation to Hassahissa is expected – the alert level is exceptionally high right now, and there is a terrible situation in Zalingei.

Additionally, Rapid Support and allied militias were shelling houses, which killed a woman and her three children at the Al-Hasahissa camp in Central Darfur Zalingi at 8:30 on October 2, 2023.

Meanwhile, Rapid Support Forces and allied militias are attacking civilians in the Al-Hasahissa camp.

Since the 15th of April 2023, the Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR) has documented war crimes in central Darfur Zalingei in more than 500 cases databases of human rights violations, including killings, Sexual violence, kidnappings, arrests, and missing persons. These crimes against humanity and war crimes have been committed by the leaders of RSF and its allies’ militia.

We therefore urge:

  • International communities, including the United States, the European Union, and the African Union, to press the SAF and RSF leadership with allied militias to respect the civilian’s human rights and humanitarian obligations and provide free access to all areas of Darfur, including IDP camps and for peacekeepers.
  • The UN Human Rights Council should immediately establish an international investigation committee to investigate all crimes committed by warring parties.
  • The ICC prosecutor should pay special attention to Central Darfur’s crimes, killings, sexual violence, kidnappings, arrests, and missing persons.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.

Email: hassan.m@dnhr.org

Phone: (+256)752792112 or (+249)924638036

P.O. Box: 144218