The violation of human rights in South Darfur Nyala.

The first incident took place on the 2nd of August 2022, at around 5:00 Netica, a locality, in south Darfur Nyala,  Mohammed Omer Mohammed Abdulla, aged 50 years old was killed by armed groups riding on two camel’s back in the village of kirikir, province of Netica, about 45 KM east away from Nyala, the capital South Darfur.

The Gunmen tried to steal Herds of Sheep, however, the villagers intervened and the Gunmen’s attempt was unsuccessful. An eye witness confirmed to DNMD monitors that the incident was carried out by a group of armed men riding on two camels back in the village of kirikir, province of Netica, 45 KM east away from Nyala town. The Gunmen moved a distance and shot a farmer named Mohammed, Omar, for no apparent reason.

The deceased was found with severe injuries and was taken to Nyala Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. The deceased had two wives and many children who were living in kirikir and domain villages.

The second incident took place on July 27, 2022, at around 1:00 pm, a displaced person, a resident of outash camp for IDPs, Abdul al Rahman Abdul al-Majid Abdulla, aged 40 years old at Nyala southern Darfur was gunned down and killed by an armed militia group. The incident happened between Nyala and Doma, approximately 11 km away from Nyala town.

The eyewitness’s account confirmed to DNMD monitors that the displaced person was Abdul al Rahman Abdul al-Majid Abdulla, a resident of outash camp for IDPs. The deceased owned a car for private hire, transporting citizens from Doma village to Nyala, to and fro. The car was hired by the militia group and was eventually taken away following the attack, the gunshots were fired on him in the area of Doma and his car was after taken by the shooters.

The vehicle of the deceased was used for purposes of transportation from Doma village to Nyala city.  On the day the incident took place, the vehicle was hired by two of the assailants claiming that they need to be transported to Nyala town. On the claim that they had to reach out to a woman in labor and about to deliver.

They moved from Doma, on arrival, a third person appeared on a motorcycle holding a gun and shot multiple times at the driver, rendering him dead. The occupants of the vehicle then sped off with the vehicle heading to Nyala.  The body was moved to Nyala teaching hospital, an autopsy was carried out, and the body was then transported to the camp, and was buried at around 8 pm.

The reason was centered on depriving him of the vehicle that he used to earn a living. Hence the use of the unjustified mean.

Darfur areas still witness violations of human rights on a wide basis in the context of the military ruling regime.

The civilians did complain to DNMD that there is an increase in the rate of violation of human rights in the areas of Darfur, especially in this season of Autumn, the reason being the displaced persons are centered in the fields for growing crops, and looking for basic living, however, the farmers are vulnerable to attacks since there is the complete absence of the Government interventions in providing protection and UNAMID withdrawal from Darfur region, in this continued state of insecurity, in total disregards to the peace agreement signed with juba, whereby the Government was expected to provide the necessary protections owed to the Vulnerable Farmers in Darfur region.

DNMD is very concerned about the human rights situation in the Darfur region which has continued to deteriorate since the military coup of 25 Oct 2021 and therefore, calls upon;

  • The GoS of south Darfur to take urgent action and protect the farmers from attacks by armed militias.
  • United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) to continue protecting Farmers in the Darfur region. and
  • the Coup Government of Sudan to take responsibility for the continuous violations of Human rights in Darfur region.

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