At least five IDPS Killed and their Properties were Taken by Janjaweed Militia, in the Tawila locality (North Darfur).

On August 1, 2022, in Tawilla North Darfur, El fasher. Militias belonging to AL-JANJAWEED carried an armed attack on a group of internally displaced person IDPs, the civilians were riding on motorcycles, coming from MASAL village southern of Tawilla, a locality belonging to the northern part of Darfur El fasher, and were on their way to Rwanda IDP camp north-east of Tawilla, They opened fire on the victims, shooting multiple gunshots directly, which led to the killing of:

  1. Aisha Adam mohammed Ahmed, a female aged 28 years, was nine months pregnant at the time of her death,
  2. ABDL- ALLAH OMAR YOUSIF, was aged 45 years at the time of his death,
  3. AAbdl-Al-jabar Hassan Mohammed Abu, was aged 60 years at the time of his death.

The attack also led to the injury of:

  • Adam Ibrahim Mohamadeen Adam, aged 32 years and
  • Mohammed Adam juma (darey) aged 29 years.

The injured persons were taken to the Tawilla rural Hospital for treatment. All the properties belonging to the victims were taken by the Militia group. This was confirmed to DNMD by Eyewitnesses and the surviving victims. The militia groups equally raided several homes and stole cattle, approximately 200 of the cattle belonging to the civilians of the area.

Reliable sources confirmed to Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD that the civilians of Tawilla announced that the markets should be closed on the 2nd day of August and a hunt to be carried out to find the whereabouts of the attackers. The civilians who decided to go for the hunt were not armed and ended up encountering the Militias, one person was killed as a result and several others were injured.

The locality of Tawilla is one of the places that has gotten out of the control of the governments of General NIMER ABDL-AL-RAHMAN, The Governor of North Darfur, and became one of the colonies of the Al-Janjaweed Militia.

Reports by the inhabitants of the Tawilla locality confirm that the withdrawal of the United Nations-African Union hybrid peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) in December 2020 worsened the situation as it left a security vacuum. The Government of Sudan, which took on the responsibility of providing security in the Darfur region, has since failed to protect citizens from these attacks.

Darfur Network for monitoring and documentation DNMD is concerned about the security situation in North Darfur which is continuously escalating by Militia attacks towards innocent civilians, and the lack of the government of North Darfur’s intervention in protecting the lives of the civilians.

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