The violence at its peak in north Darfur.

On Friday, August 12, 2022, an armed militia looted a tractor and kidnapped the driver from Wadi (Abu Sunit) area of ​​El Fasher locality, he was then taken to the Kuora mountains area north of Tawila city about 58 kilometers west of El Fasher.

Eyewitnesses and sources close to the incident reported that a group of residents of the area gathered and followed the perpetrators to the (Sarginat) area, and when they arrived in the area, the militias opened a hail of bullets directed toward the group, forcing them to retreat and inform the security authorities in the locality of Tawila.

A joint force of three combat vehicles (Police, Army, and Rapid Support Force) moved to the location of (the tractor) and the hostage, at the Kuora mountains area north of Tawila city about 58 kilometers west of El Fasher, and an exchange of fire took place with the perpetrators. The joint force was able to recover (the tractor) and free the victim, the “tractor driver”, and on their way back, the force fell into an armed ambush set up by an armed militia, which led to the killing of a policeman named Gamal Abdulrhman Mohammed Abdulrahman 32 years old, he was attached to  Kabkabi locality police station, he was from Saraf Umra locality north Darfur, and the injury of First Police Lieutenant / Al-Radhi Daoud Musa he is aged 45 years, and Motaz Mohammed Adam, 31 years from Tawila locality, weapons of the rapid support vehicle was seized by the militia group during the ambush.

The crime against humanity rates and Militia attacks during the current month of August alone has increased dramatically, as more than 20 innocent souls were killed in less than two weeks in the various localities of North Darfur. The Escalation of Violence in of Darfur region in western Sudan is alarming and calls for immediate intervention and quick measures to be taken by the Sudanese government forces, and the International community at large

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