21 deaths and 18,293 affected families as a result of Torrential Rain in South Darfur.

The state of South Darfur in the month of August 2022, witnessed torrential rains which led to floods in different areas, there are seven localities affected by the torrential rains, the percentage of damages varies, the state has become the second in terms of damage caused by torrential rains in the country.

The designated Governor (Wali) of South Darfur, Hamid Mohamed Al-Tijani,  during a visit to the local presidency of the locality of Ed Al-Forsan  whereby he inspected the protective dam of the city from Wadi Kaya and the Umm Zaifa area, which was subjected to torrential rain, the Wali was accompanied by members of his government, he reported that a large proportion of the farms and gardens in the locality of Ed Al-Forsan were affected by the torrential rains, which washed away a large area, in his statement he praised the citizens for their efforts in repairing the city’s protective dam, which contributed to easing the floods from entering the city.

He added that Wadi Kaya poses a great threat to the city, and efforts must be combined to restore and elevate the dam. And assured that the support will arrive within the next three days, and that the state’s efforts are underway to mobilize support from all sectors of society, which has started by collecting some of their contributions, announcing its support of ten million pounds for the Ed Al- Forsan region, and five million pounds for the local committee in Ed Al Forsan, which mainly works in repairing the fractures of the dam, to help them in their efforts and buy some Urgent equipment.

The Executive Director of Ed Al Forsan Locality South Darfur State, Mohammad Adam Mohammad Ishaq, explained that the locality suffered great losses as a result of the torrential rains, as the number of affected families reached 2,874. In the administrative unit of Ed Al Forsan the number of affected families reached 1,401, including 764 total damages and 736 partial damages. In the Umm Zaifa area, 1,473 families were completely damaged. And that there are damages in 655 farms, totaling 655 acres. While in the Shannu area, one hundred acres containing wheat and millet were destroyed, In the Umm Hamrat area 408 acres of wheat and tomatoes were completely damaged, the area of Al-Asir, 112 acres of wheat and millet, and the Barakat area, 30 acres of wheat, beans and various vegetables, and Umm Dubaji area, 60 acres containing tomatoes, chili and various other vegetables, were destroyed noting that this is the total damage suffered by the local citizens, of the Locality of Ed Al-Foran.

Director of the Civil Defense Police, Colonel Adam Mohammad Sinan, reported that the state of South Darfur losses amounted to 21 deaths and about 18293 affected families in the localities of the state, indicating that they were unable to reach some areas, especially Raheed Al-Bardi and the Dam of Umm Dafouk locality, the Dam poses a threat to the citizens in the area, and that efforts are underway to reach them by air to determine their conditions.

For his part, the General Director of Infrastructure, Al-Tom Al-Hadi Dabkeh, confirmed that they have made a big feast to the youth of the area in Khartoum to enable the youth to support the Ed Al Forsan locality, adding that Kaya valley caused great losses in the property of citizens, despite the efforts made by the citizens to stop the water and prevent its erosion into the city.

The Floods in the regions of South Darfur state, worsens an already fragile condition, whereby the region lacks food, shelter among other basic needs, the conditions is worrying there is a need for urgent aid to be provided for the affected families. The Dam of Umm Dafouk locality poses a great threat to the inhabitants in case it collapses, there is the threat of the Dam drowning the whole city. Kaya Valley poses a great threat, the protective Dam protecting the city should be repaired adequately by the ministry of Ministry of Infrastructure, for avoidance of greater loses to lives and properties.

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