The failed attempt to murder a former counselor in military for liberation of Sudan movement, the transitional counsel.

The failed attempt to murder a former counselor in military for liberation of Sudan movement, the transitional counsel. The incident took place on Sunday  July 17,2022 at around 11:40pm. the incident took place at the areas of doroushab, northern Khartoum, bahry, the failed attempt was on the life OF MAHY ALDIN ADAM SHARAF, aged 42 years old, married with two children, was a former counselor for (humanitarian affairs)  and member for the military for liberation of Sudan movement, the transitional counsel.

The background of the story which was confirmed to Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) by the victim telling his account of the story.  Five armed men holding Kalashnikov ak-47 rifles and hand guns. Four of the assailants entered the home of the victim, reaching the bedroom, using threats, he was ordered to leave his home and come together with the assailants. however the family members of the victim intervened and managed to strip one of the men off their guns, a scuffle resulted into the injury of the sister to the victim kalthom mohammed sharaf on her right leg who is currently in the hospital.

The scuffle equally resulted in the arrest of MOHAMMED ABDL AL NABY one of the assailants, he was in possession of an identity card which belonged to the military for liberation of the Sudan movement, the transitional counsel, and the ID of Sudanese Military Intelligence. Mohammed confessed that he is one of the personal guards to Dr. AL HADY EDRIS YAHA. DR AL HADY EDRIS YAHYA is the current president of the military for liberation of Sudan movement, the transitional counsel. And member the civil counsel Sudan. He confessed that DR AL HADY EDRIS YAHYA sent the armed men to the home of the victim, on the understanding that there was a meeting at the home of AL HADY EDRIS and the victim was to attend the meeting.

The family members called the police and the assailant was handed over to the police of al-doroshab, Khartoum bahry, a case was opened under sections 183, 139 and 144 of the penal code of Sudan.

The family of the victim is worried due to the current situation that was traumatizing both to the adults and the young children as well as the neighbors. The situation calls for the attention of the concerned authorities and should be greatly condemned. The police is currently in possession of the identity cards of one of the arrested assailants. A Kalashnikov ak-47 rifle, which is currently in the possession of the police of al doroshab.

It’s worth noting that the victim confirmed to DNMD that he has a political rivalry with AL HADY EDRIS YAHYA. This was due to the fact that the said president of the movement has exempted a number of leaders in the movement, which the victim was among. their disputes with the president came as a result of  dis-approving with the way the movement’s affairs were handled, which were against the constitution of the movement that promoted democratic freedom, and respect to individual opinion and opinions of the other persons. And the prohibition of making decisions that are without the frame of the politics of the movement.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


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