The Brutal Gang Rape of a minor child by a group affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces, Central Darfur.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD strongly condemns rapes by Militias against helpless women and children in Darfur, where the main target is the black tribes, and used as a weapon to Humiliate and instill fear in the communities. Rape is in great violation of the Human rights of the young girls and women being subjected to it in Darfur regions.  On October 10, 2022, at approximately 11 am an armed group, armed with hand weapons, carried out a heinous attack against under age -17-year-old female by the name of ((M.T.S.J.O.A)) Resident of Ras Al-feel, Wadi Saleh province- Garsila, Central Darfur.

The incident occurred approximately 5Km away from Ras Al-Feel, Wadi Saleh Province, DNMD monitors interviewed the Uncle of the victim Abdlkarim Abakar and he narrates, ‘’ the victim together with her Aunt Hasania Al-Jaber, and three other girls were on their way to collect firewood, whereby they were stopped by the 3 assailants riding on Camel’s back, the three other girls managed to escape towards the village, unfortunately, the victim and her Aunt failed to escape.

The Aunt was tied with a rope and carried 1km away the assailants then proceeded to take turns in raping the victim, forcefully under the threat of hand weapons the rape continued for an approximate period of 2 hours. The three girls who had escaped, managed to alert the family of the victim of the incident, the uncle accompanied by other family members then rushed to the scene where they found the victim had crawled from the incident Location. The victim was in a terrible state and could not walk, and was unconscious and the Aunt was freed from the robes. The Aunt described the assailants as belonging to the “Mihiria’’ Arab tribes, and affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces’’

The matter was reported to the Police by the uncle, whereby they received the police form 8, Medical Report. The Health Centre where the victim was first rushed to confirm that the victim was sexually assaulted/raped, and was bleeding profusely through her private parts due to the brutal rape. The medical report from the Hospital equally confirms that the victim was raped. The victim is currently in a terrible physical and emotional condition and could not communicate with the DNMD monitors

A teenager Gang Raped by Armed Militias. West Darfur State – El Geneina

Friday, September 2, 2022, at approximately 6 pm, armed militias raped a 16-year-old displaced girl, a resident of Abu Suruj camp for the displaced in the Sirba locality. West Darfur State – El Geneina Sirba Locality – Abu Suruj District. On Friday evening, a displaced underage female, (T. B. A. S.), who lives in Ibb Suruj, Harazah neighborhood, was sexually assaulted as she was coming from the farm, this was confirmed by DNMD monitors. The farm is located, west of Ibb Suruj, 10 km away in the Nile region. The perpetrators were two individuals who had weapons and raped the victim at gunpoint. The matter was reported to the Ibb Suruj police.  The victim was rushed to Abu Suruj health center and was later transferred to Al-Geneina Hospital for treatment, she is currently in critical health condition.


The rape of women is one of the weapons used in the wars in the Darfur region. This unfortunate course of events, whereby the victims are solely attacked based on their origin, being that the victim belongs to the black community and the assailants are Arab ‘’Mihiria’’Tribe, the victim was solely targeted based on the fact that she is Non-Arab. Sexual violence has been rapid and continuous in Darfur regions, Women and young girls are victims of such heinous, inhuman, and degrading actions.

The major concern is that the attacks are carried out by the powerful Arab tribes affiliated with the Rapid support forces, hence indicating the failure of the Government to protect innocent citizens, since the violations are carried out by individuals of the Sudanese Forces.

The consequences faced by the victim are dire, coupled with health problems and a psychological state that might be very difficult to recover from, the greatest challenge is the stigma attached to women who have been raped, especially in the Darfur communities, given the fact that the victim is a minor and unmarried, putting her future and chances of marrying minimal.

The resolution by the UN called upon several important measures to protect women, noting that rape and other forms of sexual violence could constitute a war crime. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro also participated in the debate, in which representatives from more than 60 Member States voiced their concerns.

The resolution, introduced by Ms Rice, was a mechanism for bringing these atrocities to light. It also set the stage for the Secretary-General to prepare an action plan for gathering information on the desperate acts of sexual violence in situations of armed conflict and in turn periodically report to the Security Council. Such an occurrence is in great violation of the resolution by the UN.

DNMD calls upon;

  • The Government of central Darfur to carry out investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice
  • To the national and international community, encourage and support Sudanese authorities in the investigation and prosecution of the alleged perpetrators of rape in Darfur region.

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