New Human Rights Violations in this past week alone in the Northern Darfur state.

New Human Rights Violations in this past week alone in the Northern Darfur state. Militia groups within the Northern Darfur region carried new deadly attacks against civilians in the Northern Darfur region, the state of Northern Darfur had witnessed complete security unrest due to the various forms of attacks carried against the defenseless civilians which resulted into a several Casualties. The civilian “Al-Hadi Muhammad Osman”, whom was aged 25 years old, was killed on Wednesday, 20/10/2022 at exactly 3 am and his companion Ameer Abdallah Adam was injured, the two were working in a barber shop in Saraf Omar Market. The incident took place 45km west-north of Jabal Amir, the victims were returning from Jabal Amer to Saraf Omra locality in North Darfur state. They were riding a motorized tuk-tuk, while the armed group were riding motorcycles, and they were shot, which led to the killing of Al-Hadi, the victims were discovered by witnesses, whom were passing by the incident location.  The injured was taken to Saraf Umrah Hospital for treatment.

In other three separate attacks an armed group killed, “Adam Ramadan Khater Atem”, in El Fasher city, North Darfur state, the attack occurred on the 21st of October at approximately 6pm, the armed group ransacked his vehicle, the armed group then shot and killed the victim. His body was transferred to El Fasher Hospital.

On October 10, 2022, armed men Kidnapped the farmer “Hamed Ibrahim Hasab Alnaby”, from inside his farm in the Zaqlouna area, located between Zamzam camp for the displaced and the Abu Zreika area of ​​Dar Al Salam locality in North Darfur State. An eyewitness, who preferred to withhold his name, said that Hamed was kidnapped at gunpoint while he was on the farm with his family. The kidnapping took place by a number of farmers in that area, which means that the incident was planned. Sources confirmed to DNMD monitors that the perpetrators communicated to the Shiekh of the area, that they are holding the victim Hostage, since he has always been looting their castles, and that the victim shall never be released until the victim admits to the lootings and his family members to compensate their losses, in other words the perpetrators demand for a ransom before the victim, could be released.

On 21st October 2022, the civilian “Khater Sulieman” Ibrahim aged 60 years old, was brutally attacked by armed group riding on a motor cycle, the result of the attack is that he sustained dangerous wounds to his head, as he was hit by blunt object. He was stooped and was under the threat of the gun.

The victim was on his way from Saraf Umrah Locality towards the area of Birka Sira Village, walking nearby Hijilija village, the armed men intercepted the victim, looted Cash, which was in his possession to the tune of 300,000/ SDG, the victim was discovered by an individual who was passing by, near the incident location, the victim was taken to Saraf Umrah Hospital, his condition worsened and was further transferred to Zalinja Hospital central Darfur.

In a separate incident which took place on the 22nd October 2022, a Militia Group consisting of two individuals, armed and riding on Motor cycle, opened fire on the civilian “Abaker Ishaq Yaqoub Mohammed” aged 32 years, married and the only bread winner to his family. The incident occurred in the Jabal Kadis village, Abata Locality, central Darfur region at approximately 10pm, the civilian was shot in the Knee, was taken to Saraf Omra Hospital for medical attention.

In an unfortunate course of event, a child by the name of Mubarak Adam Abdul Al-Majid, aged 12 years old, a young a young Sheppard, in the locality of Kolamondo North Darfur region, was brutally slaughtered by the perpetrator, who was later discovered to be Abdul Rahim Yaqoub.

The incident occurred when the child was watching over the Herds of his father, the child was sleeping nearby the herds, when he was ambushed by the perpetrator, the perpetrator is a known Butcher, in the Kolomando Locality, he was brutally slaughtered the child and took away with the Herd. The village members discovered the child’s body, followed the steps of the assailant and the assailant was discovered by the village members in possession of the stolen property.

The matter was reported at the police of Abu-delek area, the assailant was handed over to the police, and was later transferred to the Police of the South wing, was charged with murder under section 130 of the Penal Code of Sudan. The victim’s body was taken for Post mortem and was later handed over to the family members. It’s worth noting that the victim and the assailants, have a blood relation.

Altercations between the Police and Arab Armed Militias, results into several Casualties.

On 7th October 2022, Tawila locality, Kanjara Village at approximately 3pm, Armed Militias from the Arab Tribes, carried deadly attacks against the Police of Kanjara village, Tawila locality, 7km from the headquarters of the locality.  The attack resulted to the death of two Police officers, by the name of Adam Saleh aged 28 years and Abdallah wad Kineen 30 years. And a total number of two civilians were dangerously injured; Al-Haj Osman Ismail (Nashik) aged 39 years and Hamid Zakharia aged 42 years.

According to the account of DNMD monitors the Injured were rushed to Tawila Hospital and were later transferred to Khartoum for further treatment. The Victim AL-Haj was injured majorly in the shoulders, his arm was broken, and Hamid’s injury was majorly in the spinal cord.


The attack reports back to the fact that the Arab tribe within the area invaded the vegetation of the farmers in the area, by using their farms, to keep their Herds, the Farmers reported the matter to the executive director of Tawila Locality, the executive did not respond to their complaints, they later lodged their complaints to the Governor of North Darfur, the Governor equally did not respond, as a result of the lack of response, the farmers decided to form a committee, the Committee approached the Arab tribes, at the end of September, carried out a peaceful discussions, and the Arab’s response was to instead attack the members of the committee.

On the day of the attack, the Arabs invaded the farms of the civilians, and the villagers reported the incident to the police of Tawila Locality. The Police responded to the complaints in the Kinjara Village, whereby they found the Militia from the Arab tribes armed and thereafter an altercations occurred between the Police and the Militia from the Arab tribe and there was an exchange of fire which resulted into the death of two police officers and injury of the two above mentioned civilians. The attack also resulted into the loss of approximately 90 acres of the vegetation’s in the farms.

The Violation of human rights in this past week alone in the Northern Darfur state is alarming, which mostly consists of gun attacks by gun Men, and intercommunal conflicts which are unfortunately always deadly and result into multiple casualties. There is complete lack of effort by the Northern Darfur Government in investigating the deadly attacks, the perpetrators are always left unpunished, hence leaving great room for continuous attacks, since the security system is loose. The issue of availability of guns has always hindered security within the Darfur region.

The crime against humanity rates and Militia attacks during the current month of Oct alone has increased dramatically, as more than 20 innocent souls were killed in less than two weeks in the various localities of North Darfur. The Escalation of Violence in of Darfur region in western Sudan is alarming and calls for immediate intervention and quick measures to be taken by human rights organizations and the International community at large.

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