Tribal Conflicts at Blue Nile State, results into hundreds of Casualties and grave damages to properties.

DNMD expresses its concern on the grave Human Rights Violations going on in the Blue Nile State and Calls Upon Immediate Investigations on the current Crimes against Humanity. On the 23rd of October 2022, intercommunal, Tribal Conflicts Between Al-Hawasa tribe and the Blue Kingdome tribes at the Blue Nile State results into hundreds of Gruesome Killings and grave dames to both public and private properties.

The disagreement between the tribes resulted into the 23rd October Clash a clash between the tribes, whereby there was an exchange of fire that extended from the locality Al-Damazeen to the Locality of Wady Al-Mahay, over large areas, the clash resulted to damages to properties, both public and private, the conflict equally extended to Al-Madina Arba, where by a total number of a hundred and Sixty-four civilians were killed, (163) largerly from the blue Kingdom tribes, which consists of the tribes of Hamaj and Barta tribe, Angasana, Al-Jableen, and Homos tribe. The tribe of Al-Hawsa was dominant in the conflict, tribes from both side were armed.

The clash equally resulted to the burn down of the building of the General-Secretary of the government of Blue Nile state was burnt down. The governor “Ahmad Omda”, declared a state of emergency. The leader of the Army in the Blue Nile state was sacked and a new leader Doctor “Al-Rabeeh Abdullah” was appointed, whereby he equally declared a state of emergency.


As reported by other sources with DNMD said That : the  major reason for the conflict is due to the fact that on July 2022 Al-Hawsa tribe decided to form a civil Administration, and the Blue Kingdome tribes (Al-Fonj Kingdome) rejected the resolutions as it was to have a direct effect on ownership of Land, and its major effect was for the Al-Hawsa tribe to have a direct control over their Lands. The resolution by the Al-Hawsa was by supported by Sudan’s People Liberation Movement led by Malik Agar and the former regime. The disagreement resulted into the killing of more than 144 Civilians among who were children and Women and 36 serious injuries, this took place between 15th-17th July 2022.

Names of the Killed Victims.

  1. Awida Mohammed Adam (Female)
  2. Mohamed Ibrahim Katoor (m)
  3. Ali Al-Jali Noor (m)
  4. Taha Yusuf Taha (M)
  5. Mohamed Al-Noor Noor Kabeer (M)
  6. Al-Fake AL-Door Babikar (M)
  7. Al-sir Mahjob Zaied (M)
  8. Osman Al-said Daowud (M)
  9. Rabih Gismallah Ibrahim (M)
  10. Al-Thou Al-Dood Bakbiker (M)
  11. Al-Riah Shaban Easa Ahmad (M)
  12. Juma Awad Hassan (M)
  13. Nasar Al-Deen Ahmad Mohamed (M)
  14. Salah Mohamed Juma
  15. Sit Al-Rabeeh Osman Al-doom (f)
  16. Soluman Abdalfadeel (M)
  17. Abdalrahim Yousif (M)
  18. Gosiah Mohamed Ibrahim Abdallah (M)
  19. Ayoub Hassan Mathar (M)
  20. Juma Hamad Al-neel (M)
  21. Hafiz Ibrahim Baballah Ahmad (M)
  22. Al-thayib Abdullah Ali Al-Shamas (M)
  23. Al-Tom Mohamed Hassan (M)
  24. Al-said Al-hady Hashim Kuku (M)
  25. Madany Farhan (M)
  26. Mohamed Al-Ameen Al-Kordy (M)
  27. Omar Al-simeet Ali (M)
  28. Ramathan Al-Sheekh Mustafa (M)
  29. Seef Al-Deen Hashim Kuku (M)
  30. Mahady Al-zeen Abu Shotal (M)
  31. Makey Al-Zeen Abu Shotal (M)
  32. Mohamad Makay Al-Zeen Abu Shotal (M)
  33. Banagah Mohamed Makay Al-zeen (M)
  34. Mahady Adam Al-Zeen (M)
  35. Adam Sijeer Tory (M)
  36. Hamid Sijeer Tory (M)
  37. Jafar Sijeer Tory (M)
  38. Adam Jafar Sijeer Tory (M)
  39. Sabir Mahady Al-Zeen (M)
  40. Asif Mahady Al-Zeen (M)
  41. Osman Jafar Sijeer (M)
  42. Abdal-Alaziz Jafar Sijeer (M)
  43. Alan Jafar Sijeer (M)
  44. Hamid Jafar Sijeer (M)
  45. Ahmad Abdullah Sijeer (M)
  46. Adam Abdullah Sijeer (M)
  47. Ikram Adam Abdullah Sijeer (f)
  48. Al-Gasim Abdullah Sijeer (M)
  49. Fatima Rajab Sultan (f)
  50. Abu Anja Al-Gamar (M)
  51. Khadam Allah Ahmad Sijeer (F)
  52. Nada Osman Sijeer (F)
  53. Rajab Husieen Hamad (M)
  54. Idrees Husieen Hamad (M)
  55. Khamis Husieen Hamad (M)
  56. Awidah Husieen Hamad (F)
  57. Amira Husieen Hamad (F)
  58. Baharia Husieen Hamad (F)
  59. Al-Noor Al-Thahir Al-Saeed (M)
  60. Noor Al-Deen Al-Thahir (M)
  61. Sito Hassan Sijeer (F)
  62. Omar Hafiz Jafar Sijeer (M)
  63. Sit-Al-Kheer Sineen (F)
  64. Omar Bala Jaffar Sijeer (M)
  65. Niseereen Jafar Sijeer (F)
  66. Halimah Jubarah (F)
  67. Khadijah Mahady Al-Zeen (F)
  68. Muhie Mahady Al-Zeen (M)
  69. Widad Mahady Al-Zeen (F)
  70. Amna Abu-Geed Ali (F)
  71. Suaad Mohamed Nasir (f)
  72. Aum Salama Makay Al-Zeen (F)
  73. Al-Toma Makay Al-Zeen (f)
  74. Zuolifah Jafar Gimallah (F)
  75. Faiza Idris (F)
  76. Bahar Idris (F)
  77. Ashwaq Idris (F)
  78. Al-Toma Idris (F)
  79. Juma Khamis Hamad (M)
  80. Rimaz Khamis Hamad (F)
  81. Zainab Khamis Hamad (F)
  82. Osman Daowud Mangisto (M)
  83. Mutwakal Adam Mohamed (M)
  84. Inam Mohamed Abdullah (f)
  85. Douka Abdullah (M)
  86. Daowoud Mangisto (M)
  87. Jamal Badaway (M)
  88. Fatma Ahmad Azraq (F)
  89. Hassan Ali Al-Zeen (M)
  90. Rajab Ahmad Azraq (M)
  91. Mohanad Ali Ahmad (M)
  92. Khalid Ismail Azraq (M)
  93. Bashir Khalid Ismail (M)
  94. Ismail Azraq (M)
  95. Al-Amin Khalid (M)
  96. Mariam Fadl-Almwla (f)
  97. Al-Jak Nasar Al-Deen (M)
  98. Ahmad Douka Mangisto (M)
  99. Douka Mangisto (M)
  100. Hamdan Osman (M)
  101. Suliman Yusuf Hamad (M)
  102. Hamad Mangisto (M)
  103. Mustafa Hamdan Osman (M)
  104. Rajab Hamdan Osman (M)
  105. Sulman Mustafa Hamdan (M)
  106. Al-Rady Suliman Hadad (M)
  107. Rihab Aboud Al-Amin (M)
  108. Abdu Mahady Al-Zeen (M)
  109. Salah Al-Rady Suliman (M)
  110. Samah Al-Rady Suliman (F)
  111. Dahabaiah Al-Rady Suliman (F)
  112. Sulman Al-Zeen Abu Shotal (M)
  113. Mohanad Ali Ahmad (M)
  114. Hafiz Ali Ahmad Al-Jak (M)
  115. Mohamed Adam Al-Jak (M)
  116. Sito Babour Adlan (f)
  117. Douka Al-Jak Laban (M)
  118. Al-Fatih Ahmad Al-Jak (M)
  119. Musa Douka Al-Jak (M)
  120. Bahar Musa Douka (M)
  121. Abdu Osman (M)
  122. Halima Hamdan Osman(F)
  123. Saif Khalid Ismail (M)
  124. Aum Juma Hamdan Osman (F)
  125. Malik Osman Al-Sadiq (M)
  126. Khawaja Abdulla Gad (M)
  127. Al-Tom Al-Zaky Mathar Abakar (M)
  128. Aum Al-Sidra Al-Zaki Mathar (F)
  129. Adam Hassan Idris (M)
  130. Bashoum Laban Louba (M)
  131. Khalifah Yusuf (M)
  132. Al-Zebeer Bashir Lagad (M)
  133. Salim Khalifa Yusuf (M)
  134. Abdulltif Hassan Makay Al-Rady (M)
  135. Saeed Hassan Makay Al-Raday (M)
  136. Makah Osman Abu-Ajabna (f)
  137. Omar Al-Simeed Ali (M)
  138. Mohamed Ibrahim Kam-Alnoor (M)
  139. Rajab Al-Mohanad (M)
  140. Riziqa Rajab Jubeer (M)
  141. Ramadan Al-Shikh Mustafa (M)
  142. Saif Humeer (M)
  143. Al-Noor Humeer (M)
  144. Habib Abdalrahman (M)
  145. Jak Al-Thalib (M)
  146. Al-Riah Shaban (M)
  147. Saif Khalifa (M)
  148. Al-Tom Al-Zaky Mathar (M)
  149. Haidar Mohamed Ali (M)
  150. Ibrahim Al-Tom Khmeer (M)
  151. Ahmad Jafar (M)
  152. Adam Hassan Idris (M)
  153. Ahmad AL-Jaily (M)
  154. Khalifah Yusuf (M)
  155. Salim Khalifah (M)
  156. Musa Douka (M)
  157. Saad Mohamed (M)
  158. Abdal-Al-Azim Hassan (M)
  159. Al-Rady Sulman Haran (M)
  160. Malik Osman Al-Sadiq (M)
  161. Rajab Hamdan Osman (M)
  162. Shoeeb Ismail (M)
  163. Khalid Ismail (M).

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