Arbitrary Arrests, Detention, and Torture of a pharmacists West Darfur State:

The Sudanese coalition forces led by the Governor of West Darfur, “Khamis Abkar”, arrested the citizen “Tariq Issa”, on November 12, 2022, at exactly 5:30 pm from the market while in the premises of his pharmacy. The victim is a pharmacist from the administrative unit of Tandalti of West Darfur State, El Geneina, the kidnapping incident followed Wali’s (governor) visit, and the governor requested from the executive director of the administrative unit to collect the costs of the visit from merchants and citizens, but the resistance committees rejected this request. Tariq is one of the cadres of the effective resistance committees in the region and is active.

The name of the leader of the force that carried out the arrest is Mustafa David. The reasons for the arrest were not explained during the arrest, in total disregard to his rights of personal liberty. The resistance committee of Tandiliti condemned the arrest of the pharmacists/and activists by the Intelligence forces led by Wali (governor) and accords the governor the administrative officer Mohamed Osman, the full responsibilities, as he is one of the major individuals involved in the arrest, and Mustafa David, affiliated with the intelligence forces.

An Armed Robbery by militias Arab tribe:

on 1st November 2022, at approximately 11 am in the area of Mastria, Genina Administrative area, An Armed Robbery, was carried out by two individuals, riding on a motorbike, wearing civilians attire, belonging to the Arab Tribe (Mihiria Tribe), the perpetrators fired live bullets nearby the farm of one “Yaqoub Adam Musa” the attack resulted into the killing of a horse, the horse was being ridden by one of the passersby nearby the incident location, the attack occurred 3kms away East of Masters, the attackers escaped with their motorbikes.

Eyewitnesses informed DNMD Monitors that the farmers, that were subjected to the attack were on their way to their farm, and the armed robbers attacked them and requested of them hand over the horse, which the farmers resisted to hand over the Horse, and a scuffle ensued, whereby one of the farmers took the key to the motorbike, and which prompted the perpetrators to fire live bullets, the attack resulted into the killing of the horse, and none of the farmers was injured. The farmers reported the matter to the Police of Masteria.

DNMD expresses its repulsion towards the grave Human rights violations that occurred on November 3, 2022, 11 km north of the city of Forbaranga, West Darfur State, against defenseless citizens, as a commercial vehicle carrying citizens was attacked by armed Janjaweed militias in the Magrassa area, Where the vehicle was on its way from Habila locality to Forbaranga, the perpetrators fired a hail of bullets, as a result of which three of those on board the vehicle were injured, including one in a serious condition.

The injured were taken to Forbaranga Hospital, where they were treated. The victims are Khamis okay, aged 65 years, a professional sheik; Bashir, Yahiya, age 50 years a peasant farmer; and Mostafa Rajab (Ashola) Aged 40 years. a peasant farmer.

DNMD Called on the Government to either released immediately the detainee or promptly charge him with recognizable offenses before a court of law.

DNMD calls upon all Alliance of human rights in west Darfur state, our partners, Lawyers, and International organizations to put pressure on the responsible parties in order to secure the release of the detainee.

DNMD, appeals to authorities in West Darfur to take concrete actions to stop such incidents by armed militias and attacks against the personal integrity of the farmers.

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