Violations Non-Stop North Darfur from 10th-14th November 2022.

On November 13, 2022, at approximately 3 pm, at kabkabia Locality, North Darfur El-Fasher a commercial Vehicle, was subjected to an armed ambush, whereby a hail of bullets was fired on the Vehicle by an armed group consisting of five armed individuals, wearing Kadamol (a face Turban), riding three motorcycles (Motor), the attack resulted into the killing of the driver of the Vehicle:

  1. “Hamdan Ahmad Manzoor” aged 37 years; the driver

And the Injury of:

  1. “Al-Sadiq Abdulrahman” A merchant/ Businessman, aged 35 years;
  2. “Mansour Mohamed Adam”, Aged 30 years.

The incident occurred approximately 20km South of Kabkabia, while the victims were on their way to “Al-Jildo”, Weekly Market, the matter was reported at Al-Kabakbia Police Post. The injured were rushed to Al-Kabkabia Hospital for treatment.

In a separate incident that occurred on November 13, 2022, at approximately 6 pm, 4kms North Kabkabia, the victims riding on Motorcycle (TukTok) were fired by live bullets by three armed individuals, wearing Kadmol, “face cover” riding on one Motorcycle, the victims were returning from their farms heading to North Kabkabia. The three victims, sustained injuries:

  1. “Adam Mohamed Adam”, 30 years old, was injured in the right leg.
  2. “Mohamed Zakaria Abdul Al-Karim”, 28 years old, with injuries on the back
  3. “Halima Hamad Mohamed Adam”, 20 years old.

The incident was reported at Kabkabia Police Post. The injured were taken to Kabkabia Hospital for treatment.

Similarly on November 13, 2022, at approximately 7 am, an armed group consisting of six armed individuals, driving a Toyota Vehicle, with their faces covered with Kamdol ( face turban) , intercepted one, “Abdal-Al-Aziz Al-Shaker Ishaq”, who happened to be in possession of cash worth 6 billion, eight hundred million SDG at Kabkabia Market, and demanded the victim to hand over the cash, of which he resisted, they responded by shooting him on his right leg and escaped away with the cash towards “Shoba’ area, the car was found later abandoned in Shoba. The family of the victim discovered the abandoned vehicle and reported the incident to Kabkabia police., The Victim is a Businessman working in Kabkabiya and owns a fuel Station in the market.

In a separate incident, on November 12, 2022, in the village of “Timanat”, 3 Kms south of Zamzam Camp, a group of Shepherds, of the Arab Tribe, led their cattle into the farms of one “Tambos Jamos” aged 55 years and “Mubarak Bashar Fasher” 37 years, the owners of the Farm attempted to remove the Cattles out of their Farm, the Arab Tribe responded by firing live bullets on the Shepard’s which resulted to their Killing.

The citizens reported the incident and the Combined Forces reached the place of the incident, which led to an exchange of fire between the combined forces and the perpetrators, two of the perpetrators were captured by the combined forces and were handed over to the authorities in North Darfur.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation DNMD sees the problems facing the displaced persons and farmers;

  • Lack of the rule of law and human rights, disarmament from militias;
  • Combating violence against women and children, and protecting civilians;
  •   Strengthening conflict avoidance and resolution mechanisms for issues involving farmers and herdsmen.

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