Incidents of armed lootings in Saraf Omra, North Darfur State.

November 17, Saraf Omra North Darfur state, the citizen Abdul Rahman Obai-dullah, age 25, was seriously wounded in the head with a stick by Incidents of looting armed in Saraf Umrah.

The details of the accident as reported by DNMD monitors took place, as Abdul Rahman was accompanied by Al-Amin Abdullah Abdullah while he was driving his own truck and on his way to the Kamal Al-Fi area, about 15 km from Saraf Omra, on the way to the village of Umm Jarwa. He was intercepted by a number six assailants riding on two Motorbikes, armed with two Kalashnikov rifles, the perpetrators fired heavy bullets to stop the driver, which led to the injury of the tractor tires, then they hit the victim with a stick in the head, and they looted his possession of money and mobile phones.

In a separate incident, on November 17, 2022, on the road linking the locality of Saraf Omra and the village of Himbul, on their way to Himbul village 10 km away in the eastern direction of Saraf Omra, while they were on the back by Tuk Tuk they were to going to the farm to fetch the crop.  the citizen, a veterinary doctor, Nouraldin Adam Mohamed Ibrahim Zayed, and the citizen, Muhammad Abdullah Noureddine, were subjected to an armed looting operation.

On the 17th of November 2022, the Locality of El-Serif, Jabal Amer Mine, North Darfur state the citizen “Ibrahim Ishaq Adam Muhammad” who lives in Wadi Salih-village of Wailing was attacked by unknown perpetrators. He was seriously injured in the head by a sharp blow by an unknown person on Thursday night, while he was returning to his residence, which necessitated his transfer to Nyala, while he is in a complete coma in Nyala Hospital. The motives for the attack are not yet known.

The victims confirmed that they were intercepted by five assailants armed with two Kalashnikovs rifles, covered with a head turban, “Kamdol”, the victims were stopped at gunpoint and they looted what they had of mobiles and money in cash,

DNMD, call upon the Local Authorities to intervene and place measures to lessen the continued human rights violation, crimes of armed lootings, beatings, and killings by armed militia, and provide security to innocent civilians and freedom of movement to conduct their normal daily activities of farming.

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