The signing of the Reconciliation Tribal between the Messiria and Awlad Rashid in Mukjar locality Central Darfur.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2022, Reconciliation took place between the two parties that wrestled in the western Jaqma region, near Mukjar locality central Darfur, in the presence of the civil administrations of Wadi Saleh, represented by Al-Sharati, and tribal notables, and the joint forces: The Rapid Support Forces, Sudan armed forces and police and a representative delegation of the deputy chairman of the Sovereignty Council, led by Counselor Musa Khaddam, and the governor of the state of Central Darfur, Saad Adam Babker, and the chairmanship of the reconciliation committee between the two tribes led by Major General Ali Yaqoub, commander of the Rapid Support Forces in Central Darfur, and in the presence of representatives of the leaders of the regular forces in the state.

The losses were compensated, and blood money was paid to 25 individuals, 21 from the Misseriya tribal and 4 from the Awlad Rashid. Although they agreed to compensation for the losses the number of four large phones, worth 400,000 SDG, 13 weapons, 20 motors, in addition to 300,000 SDG, and 70 cows for any individual.

On the wages side, things ended, and they signed the reconciliation document in the presence of the governor of the state and his various agencies, and they set a date for payment of the blood money in three phases after each month for a period of three months. More than 300 combat vehicles belonging to the Rapid Support Forces remained in the area, but the situation is not reassuring, according to what happened eyewitnesses said.

This signed a final reconciliation agreement under the auspices of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti”, after violent clashes that killed more than 30 people during the previous week.

Facts go back to last week The looting of a motorbike, which took place in the western Gogoma area near the Bindsi locality Central Darfur State, on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, led to an altercation, which extended until Thursday morning November 10, 2022, the altercation caused the death of about 22 and the injury of 21.

Sources from the area confirmed to DNMD monitors that the incident began with the looting of a motorbike belonging to a member of the (Misseriya) tribe in the western Jugoma area by unknown gunmen, who were intercepted by the family of the owner of the looted bike, and during their fighting, a member of the victim’s family was killed.

As a result of the killing, a group from the Misseriya tribe followed the trail of the perpetrators, until they reached Awlad Rashid according to the sources said, but the latter denied that they had caused the killing and looting of the motorcycle, which forced the local leaders (Janjaweed) to take a decision to divide the blood money ( blood compensation) of the dead victim among the tribes of the area, but some members of the Misseriya tribe objected the decision, which led to a clash with weapons Among the representatives of the two tribes, 25 people were killed and 21 wounded, among the members of the two tribes and the local leaders (Janjaweed) who were trying to mediate between the two parties.

While the Executive Director of Wadi Saleh locality, “Fadl Mohammed Al-Nour, explained to DNMD that the official authorities were unable to count the dead and wounded due to the miss of a communication network in the area of (Taktouqa) near which the accident occurred and that the numbers of victims are conflicting between (18) and (21). ) and (24), as well as the wounded who were not transferred to Garsila Hospital until the moment of the statement, and added that the government sent huge military reinforcements to resolve the chaos and assess the problem, especially in the area witnessing large tribal crowds that require a deterrent solution to avoid a security crisis that could be caused by these crowds, and Al-Nour expected that Those huge forces can solve the problem.

The governor of Central Darfur, Saad Adam Babiker, said that the speedy arrival of the joined forces to the area of the clashes led to an end to bloodshed and an end to the fighting. To the success of peace and bloodshed. He stressed the continuation of imposing a state of emergency to address the tribal problem, indicating that they are about to sign a charter to fight crime and prevent motorcycles, weapons, and drugs, and he continued, “It is our duty as a state to fight these actions.”

The governor attributed the conflict between the Misseriya and Awlad Rashid tribes to ignorance and the tribes’ cover-up of criminals, explaining that the cause of the problem was “tension”, which claimed the lives of more than 30 people, and said that the authorities would pursue negative phenomena and added, “We will not stand by and watch what is happening.”

Major General Ali Yaqoub considered motorcycles devastating to the people of Darfur, along with weapons and drugs, announcing a campaign to burn motorcycles and arrest criminals. With new military reinforcements for the state, as well as reinforcements from the army and police forces.

The Rapid Support Commander in Central Darfur called for citizens to stand with the join forces in order to impose the prestige of the state and fight crime. Courtesy,” he called on the civil administrations to cooperate with the regular forces to arrest criminals.

DNMD is seeing all agreements signed and reconciliation in the Darfur region between tribes never stop the violation of human rights in the region because perpetrators are not held accountable to bring them to justice, lack of rule of law in the Darfur region of western Sudan. and also all signed a reconciliation with leaders tribal who don’t control their tribes, especially arms spread weapons within the tribal.

DNMD calls upon authorities the GOs of Central Darfur and the government of Sudan and international communities to take weapons away from tribes in the Darfur region.

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