Violations Againts The Refugees at Kari Yari Camp border between Sudan and Chad

On 11th November 2022, the refugee, “Hari Abkar Khater”, 50 years old, a resident of “Kari Yari” camp for Sudanese refugees located on the border between Sudan and Chad, who lives in Zoon C, was killed at approximately eight o’clock in the evening, while returning from the market to his home. He was stabbed with a knife by an unknown group.

DNMD Monitors spoke to some of the residents of the Camp and obtained information that in the morning, the residents reported the incident to the police. A group was organized to trace the perpetrators and left the camp at about 3 km in Wadi Qirfu. After that, the police sent a team to the scene of the crime. The police found that the perpetrators entered a woman’s house inside the camp after committing the crime before leaving for Wadi Qirfu. The woman was arrested and she confessed, that the people who committed the crime hid in her home and then disappeared.

Human rights violations have been present and the killing of Hri Abakar is not the first incident of a violation in Kari Yari camp, previously on the 18th of November 2020, two young men were arrested by the Chadian police, by the names of “Al-Sadiq Mursal” and “Hamid Essa”, whom had gone to work outside. They were arrested while returning from the factory to the camp under the pretext of their alleged involvement in theft, where they were tortured with whips. The camp administration formed a committee and met with the police chief of Daisy, and requested of the Police to conduct an investigation on the torture of the youth, the police chief of Daisy was handed a memorandum by the refugee committee containing the in summary that the security and services be provided to refugees by humanitarian organizations.

Kari Yari Camp for Refugees:

Kari Yari camp for Sudanese refugees is located on the border between Sudan and Chad at a distance of 5 km, while Wadi Hor is the largest dividing line in the eastern direction of the state of Chad, east of the Chadian state of Amjar. Most of the refugees of this camp are from the state of North Darfur, the locality of Al-Tina, Ambroa and Kornoy, whom had migrated to Chad since 2003, with the beginning of the conflict in the Darfur region.

The population of the camp is about 500,000 people, the majority of the population are women, children and the elderly. The camp coordinator, is “Abdullah Tabet”, from 2003 to 2020, but some circumstances happened to him and he was asked to return to Sudan on a voluntary return. There are many problems in Kari Yari camp, including humanitarian, health and security.

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