Child Victims of Torture, Kidnap and Human Trafficking in South Darfur State:

On December 3, 2022, in Mirshing Locality, South Darfur, a child who was earlier kidnaped was discovered by the name of “Abdallatif Adam Abdallah” aged 8 years, of the “Falata” tribe from the area of “Jadad” Eastern Tulus Locality, the child was kidnapped more than two years ago by three armed individuals riding on Camel’s back. According to the narration of the child, while interviewed by DNMD, the child narrated that “I left the village in order to collect fruits “Laloop”, from a nearby tree, I was met by a group of three individuals on Camel’s back and was asked to come nearer and they asked me what my name is?, I told them my name, they carried me on one of the Camels, claiming that they are taking me home, on sitting, they moved to a different direction, we reached Mirshing Locality, in Amar Jadid area, and was made to watch over their Goats, I had managed to escape and went to Minwashi police station, and informed them I was kidnaped by the group, and I’m from Tulus Locality, and I wish to return home to my family,”. The child was missing for approximately two years.

The police of Minwashi addressed the matter to the Child Protection Unit, and the child was transferred to South Darfur State. In a third separate incident, on 29th November 2022, in Mirshing Locality, South Darfur State, the Civilian “Abalmonim Ibrahim Jido” aged 15 years, a resident of Nyala “Hai Aljabal’ was reported by the Child Protection Unit to have been subjected to torture, by a Nomad Arab Tribe.

the background of the incident according to the statement of the child, is that the child is originally working for the Nomad Arab Tribe for a period of approximately seven months in the Northern Darfur region, he was then transferred to Mirshing Locality, for the main purpose of destroying the Farms of the residents, specifically the areas of Juruf and Mirshing, by trespassing and leading the Livestock’s into the farms of the residents, the child victim, rejected the directions of the Arab and he was subjected to torture”.

According to his statement when interviewed by DNMD “I’m Abdalmonim Ibrahim Jido’, my mother’s name is Kultum Mohamed Ahmad”, I’m a resident of Nyala, “Hai Al-Jabal” from the Falata Tribe, I’m 15 years old, my brother “ Taha Ibrahim Jido” had taken me and handed me over to one “Shalfa” to look after his Camels, and we agreed that he would pay me 30,000 SG, starting May 2022, afterwards, my brother had handed me over to “ Shalfa” and “ Shalfa” handed me to one “ Ali Jido Osman” and Ali Jido took me to the location of the Camel, in the area of Shiareeah Locality, in South Darfur State, and I started working with one “ Abdalraziq Al-Amin” during the summer, “ Garwa”, he informed me to lead the Camels into the vegetation, and forced me to do so, which I did, the camels proceeded to destroy the vegetation of the farmer, and my heart could not accept such a conduct for the camel to destroy other peoples properties, on refusing to continue, I was beaten severally by a whip, on a separate occasion, he whipped me because one of the camels was lost temporarily, after finding the camel, he cursed me and I reported the incident to the owner of the Camel, the supervisor, by the name of “ Tijany Jido Osman” to which he told me to ignore the whole incident, I later escaped to the entrance of the Army camp, in the area of Jurob “, I met one of the soldiers, affiliated with the Child Protection Unit, he contacted the authorities, to which I was transferred to Mirshing Police, and I was met the authorized officer of the child Protection Unit.

DNMD calls upon the government of south Darfur for authorized to provide:

The need for Legal and Medical assistance with urgent.
Recommending the need to unite the child with his family
The child is to be paid his full salary for the work conducted
To look for and hold accountable the perpetrators responsible for the aggravated torture, Abduction, and human trafficking of the child.
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