The Killing of more than two IDPs and the wounding of another by Militias in North Darfur State.

On December 6, 2022, in the area of Umm Hajara, 5 km from the North of Saraf Umrah Locality, North Darfur State, at approximately 9 pm, two young men were wounded in an armed robbery. The victims by the names of “Musa Idris Abd al-Rahman”, 22 years old, and “Yahya Abdullah”, 25, were both injured by gunfire, the first was hit in the hand and the second was in the back, and the bullet lodged inside their bodies, and need an operation to be removed.

In the details of the accident, the two victims were accompanied by three others, they were returning by “ a rickshaw” from the village of Karkouli to Saraf Omar, and near the village of Um Hajjara, at the signpost, two Janjaweed on motorized vehicles and armed with Kalashnikovs rifles intercepted them, and tried to stop the rickshaw, but it did not stop, so they fired heavy bullets at it from behind, the driver was forcefully stopped, the perpetrators proceeded to loot the passengers’ cellphones and money in cash, they then hurriedly left the scene. The victims were rushed to Saraf Umrah Hospital for Treatment. Looting incidents are repeated daily, and no one pays attention to the suffering of citizens. On December 5, 2022, in the area of Jabak Allah Al-Serif Bin Hussein Locality, 15km West Al-Serif Locality, North Darfur State, at approximately 3 pm, Al-Sheikh Mohamed Ali Abdallah, aged approximately 60 years old, was severally beaten by whips, by Camel Shepherds, who had trespassed into his farm, by leading their Camel into his Farm.

The victim requested the Shepherds to lead their Camels away from his Farm, the Shepherded refused to listen to his requests and retaliated by severally whipping the victim. At the occurrence of incident one of the neighbors alerted the residents of the occurrence of the incident, the residents responded by rushing to the scene to save the victim’s life, which they found when the perpetrators had already escaped. In a separate incident on December 5, 2022, at approximately 8 am in the morning in the area of Koymat, 31 Kms from the west of Al-Fasher city, North Darfur State, an Armed group, led by a Lieutenant Colonel, the Armed group kidnapped one “Yaqoub Eiz Aldeen Ahmad,41 old, the chairman of the Farmer’s Committee in Koymat area, Rural AL-Fashir, the led the victim to an unknown location, with following the due process for an arrest.

DNMD condemns the killing of two IDPs and the dangerous wounding of a third, by Militias in Kabakbia, North Darfur State. The incident took place on 2nd of December 2020, at approximately 7 pm, in Hai Ala-Hafir, before Al-Wadi, While the victims were on their way from their Farm heading to Kabkabia Town, approximately 2Km North of the town of Kabkabia.
Eye Witnesses reported to DNMD, that the perpetrators were riding on two Motorcycles, armed, covering their heads with Kadmol (head Turban) the victims were riding on TUK-TUK, and the perpetrators fired live bullets, which resulted in the death of an Uncle and his Nephew, and the third person sustained dangerous injuries. The dead bodies were transported to the city Mortuary, and the wounded person was rushed to the Kabkabia hospital for treatment.
The road where the incident took place has previously experienced various heinous crimes, where innocent citizens are victims, and three similar incidents have previously taken place in a similar manner.

The names of the victims:
Mohamadeen Yunis Bakhit was aged 45 years
Habib Noor Al-Din was aged 15 years
The wounded:
Mohamed Abu Gasim Mohamadeen aged 12 years, was dangerously wounded.

The daily violations orchestrated by Armed Militias and Militias affiliated with the Government continue, justice has failed to be served in cases of Murder, Rape, Torture, Kidnaps, burning of houses and farms, Arbitrary arrests, and Armed lootings, that are committed by armed Militias, the Government efforts towards the violations are minimal.
The killing of a citizen by Unknown Gun Men.
On November 30, 2022, in the area of Lamina, Hamara Administrative Unit, Kutum Locality, North Darfur State at approximately 10 pm, unknown Gunmen fired live bullets on the citizen “Abdulla Dod Hajar”, aged 50 years from inside his home.
Eyewitnesses reported that the armed Men came from the East side of Al-Fashir town and escaped away towards the same direction, which indicates that it was a planned assassination. The body was transferred to the city Mortuary for post-mortem.

DNMD calls upon to government of north Darfur authorities to protect civilians against acts of war, end armed violence, and build inclusive peace.
DNMD has reported that most of the human rights abuse during the last month was triggered by Arab militia and another armed conflict, particularly continued sporadic violence in the Darfur region wrest Sudan.

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