The killing of a woman by an Armed, Masked individual, East Kadogoly, South Kordofan State.

On 20th November 2022 in Kadogly in South Kordofan, a Woman by the name of Zobidah Eisa Komy 37 old was killed on her farm East of Kadogly town, at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon, by an individual wearing a head Turban, armed with Kalashnikov. The details of the incident as reported by eyewitnesses within the area, occurred when the perpetrator approached the victim on her farm and requested a cup of water, afterward, he left the premises, but returned to the farm and asked the persons present in the firm their different tribes, he ordered them to group themselves according to their tribes, (Noba, Borgo and Bagara,) and then claimed to only be having an interest in the three individuals from the Noba tribe, among which was the victim, he requested the three to move under the threat of the gun, leading them to a distance away from the farm, and attempted to rape one of the three women, however, went unsuccessful, as she resisted and managed to escape, he fired a bullet towards her direction but missed her, he then attempted to rape the victim, of which she equally resisted, which prompted him to shoot her with five live bullets, and left her in a pool of blood.

The surviving women alerted the passersby, and they then managed to rush the victim to Kadogly Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival, the matter was reported to the Police of Kadogly.

More information is available from Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director, DNHR.


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