Continuous Violations and security unrest in Central Darfur Region.

On the 6th of December 2022, a farmer by the name of “Faisal Ali Adam” from the Bindisy area was killed inside his farms in the East of Bindisi approximately 7kms away, he was killed by three individuals from the Arab Tribe “ Nawaiyaba”. The individuals entered a Sugar Cane Farm, In large quantities, the Farm belonged to the victim, and the perpetrators were discovered inside the Farm they were required by the victim to pay 500 SDG, however, they negotiated that they were only willing to pay 200 SDG, a verbal altercation occurred, and one of the perpetrators hit the victim with a large stick to the head, the perpetrators escaped the scene, and the young brother to the victim informed the residents of the incident, he was later taken home, and died by his wounds, the following morning a group consisting of 30 individuals organized a search group to follow the perpetrators. The search group fell into an ambush, one of the individuals was beaten by the armed ambush, and the remaining individuals rushed back to their Homes.

On the second day on 7th November 2022, in the area of Sadar, east of the Locality of Bindisy Central Darfur State, a search group consisting of 300 hundred individuals organized by the residents of Bindisy, moved towards the area of Sadar, where were met with the residents from the Arab tribes, consisting of 10 Armed individuals of the Arab tribe, and were forced to retrieve their steps, the search group contacted the Authorities and a combined force of the Rapid Support  Forces of two cars and two cars of the Police and one car of the Committee, the force arrived and acted as an intermediate, between the two parties to the clash, the citizens handed over 10 names of the Armed Arab individuals, the combined force led by the leader of RSF “ Banjooz” requested the search group to return to their homes, and that they will be able to solve the matter.

A group of the youth was not happy with the request of the combined forces and the Arab tribe responded by opening fire on the search group, and this resulted in the killing of one civilian and the injury of nine.

The name of the injured civilian:

  1. Mohamadeen Idriss Kandy aged approximately 41 years.

The attack led to the injury of nine civilians from the search group

  1. Mansour Sulieman Ibrahim Arbab aged 51 years.
  2. Waleed Yunis Abdullah Sulieman. 22 years old
  3. Mohamed Hassan Abulmalik Mohamed. 19 years old
  4. Mohamed Suileman. 17 years’ old
  5. Mohamed Gamar Al-Noor 19 years old
  6. Adam Musa Mohamed.
  7. Ala-Aldeen Ismail Abdulmajid. 19 years old
  8. Mohamed Ismail Abdulmola Abdullah aged 22 years old
  9. Suileman Ahmad Adam Yunis. 25 years old

The injuries sustained by the victims were reported by the eyewitnesses to be visibly dangerous. They were transferred to Nyala Hospital for treatment.

In a separate incident that occurred on 8th December 2022, in Dambar Administrative Unit, Modgar Locality, Central Darfur State, at approximately 9 am, a Militia group from the Bini Halba Arab tribe attacked the Dmabar Administrative Unit, burning the West block, the attack resulted into the injury of 3 residents of the area by the names of:

  1. Mohamed Al-Sawi
  2. Kultoma Abdulmola Abdullah, aged 30 years.
  3. Musa Mohamed Diko aged 35 years.

The first victim is reported to be in critical condition, while the second victim sustained a broken hand and the third victim was equally reported to have sustained a broken hand.

The background of the incident reports the fact that an individual was found dead, by the name of Musa Ahmad Mohamed Omar, from the Bini-Halba tribe, the body was discovered by his family on the road linking Dambar Administrative Unit and Modgar, the family members responded immediately attacking the residents of Dambar Administrative Unit burning the west block. the Arab tribe did not resort to reporting the matter to the authorities and decided to instead attack the Dambar Administrative Unit.

The residents are in critical condition as the authorities never intervened to deescalate the situation

on  Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at approximately eleven o’clock in the morning, two armed militias on motorcycles assaulted the citizen, “Muhyiddin Muhammad Ishaq”, 24 years old, nicknamed “Knouri”,

The Details of the incident as narrated by the victim, occurred while the citizen was in the areas of Lita traveling to Fassi, and when he approached the Seili region, south of Fassi, he was intercepted by the armed individuals threatened with weapons, and they hit him with the back of the weapon “Gun”, stabbed him with a Snooki’ knife in the head, and they looted an amount of 200 thousand pounds, a smart, and a button phone, a report was opened at Fassi Police Station and he was transferred to Zalingei Hospital in Central Darfur State to receive treatment.

In a separate incident on the same day, 29th November 2022, that occurred in Zalingi Road, the area of Khor Klash, Central Darfur, the driver Al-Haj Mohamed Makin, aged 33 years, a resident of Zalingi, was assaulted with a large Stick to the head, sustaining dangerous injuries.

The incident as confirmed by eyewitnesses, occurred when the victim, was on the road between Zalingi and Saraf Umrah, the area of “Kor Klash”, he was intercepted by the perpetrators, and beaten by the Stick, which resulted in him sustaining injuries to the head, he was rushed to Zalingi Hospital and further to Saraf Umrah for further treatment.

Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) condemns the arbitrary attacks on civilians in Wadi Sallah, central Darfur, and calls on:

To Government of Sudan is to take urgent action to investigate violations of human rights and ensure perpetrators will be held to account.
Also appeals to the United Nations and the African Union not to turn their backs on the people in Darfur who depend on the peacekeepers and to continue to protect them from attacks by armed militias.
Calls on UNITAMS to fulfill its mandate to contribute to the protection of the civilian population under imminent threat of physical violence, and prevent attacks against civilians within its capability and areas of deployment.

Appeals to the UN Panel of Experts on Sudan to take into account these reports in their regular review of the situation on the ground according to their mandate of monitoring violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

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